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AEI scholars respond to COVID-19

Good public policy is essential to slowing the spread of the coronavirus and helping the American economy recover. AEI scholars are equipping our nation’s leaders with the facts they need to make policy decisions that will keep us safe and help our economy and our most vulnerable citizens through this crisis.

AEI scholars are providing research and recommendations daily, actively shaping policymakers’ views, and motivating them to take sound steps to mitigate the effects of this unprecedented challenge. AEI Resident Scholar and former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb established an early reputation as the preeminent expert on the national response to COVID-19, and he has continued to develop actionable recommendations for how we can safely end social distancing restrictions.

In late March, Dr. Gottlieb and a team of leading health experts released an important report—available at—outlining critical steps to control the pandemic, as well as the milestones necessary to safely reopen the country. Beyond the health and epidemiological response, AEI scholars—including Michael Strain, Glenn Hubbard, Yuval Levin, and Stan Veuger—are shaping the policies that will mitigate the pandemic’s economic fallout.

The work of AEI scholars studying China—including Dan Blumenthal and Derek Scissors—has helped policymakers analyze the US-China economic relationship and explain the competitive dynamics around China’s COVID-19 propaganda campaign. All of AEI’s work on COVID-19, including its state-level mitigation strategy tracker, can be found at

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