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Thomas Roe Legacy Society

Safeguard the future. Leave your legacy.

About the Thomas Roe Legacy Society

Thomas Roe was a successful businessman, generous philanthropist, and a man who consistently rolled up his sleeves to get a job done.

He was also SPN’s founding chairman.

After years of success in building free-market think tanks at the national level, Tom led the charge to help the states develop their own engines of liberty — an aspiration that President Reagan himself encouraged Tom to pursue. Tom devoted both his time and his treasure to establishing SPN in 1992 and helping it succeed in its early years.

Tom’s considerable legacy is everything you associate with SPN today: a state-by-state strategy that safeguards our core values through policy solutions that advance liberty, innovation, and opportunity for all.

We invite you to leave a legacy to future generations, too. By including SPN in your estate plans, you ensure that your children and grandchildren will thrive in an environment in which personal freedom, economic liberty, the rule of law, property rights, and limited government are upheld and strong. Making a legacy gift to SPN is a way you can make an extraordinary impact.

Legacy Giving Options

Your legacy giving options include:

  • A simple bequest that remembers SPN in your will.
  • An estate gift of publicly-traded stock.
  • A life insurance policy that designates SPN as a primary or contingent beneficiary.
  • A bank, investment, or retirement account, that designates SPN as a primary or contingent beneficiary.
  • A gift in trust.
  • Other estate gifts in accordance with SPN’s gift acceptance guidelines.

To learn about other legacy gift options, please contact Cindy Kilduff at 703-243-1655 or or your SPN contact.

Join the new Thomas Roe Legacy Society as a Charter Member

We invite you to create your legacy for freedom today by including State Policy Network in your estate plans.

Your benefits include:

  • The assurance that you have left a meaningful legacy to safeguard the future of our nation.
  • Your name inscribed in a place of honor at SPN’s headquarters in Arlington, Virginia (of course, you may also choose to remain anonymous)
  • Two complimentary tickets to our Annual Thomas A. Roe Dinner
  • Our exclusive Thomas Roe Legacy Society memento gift

To join as a Charter Member and help to secure the future of freedom in our nation, you simply make a commitment to include SPN in your will by sharing this sample bequest language with your attorney and make your intention known to us:

I give to State Policy Network, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Corporation headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, Federal Tax ID:  57-0952531, the sum of $______ (or ____% of my estate; or the property described herein) for its general purposes

SPN Contact

Cindy Kilduff

Senior Director of Institutional Giving

If you have questions about joining the Thomas Roe Legacy Society, you or your legal and financial advisors can contact Cindy Kilduff at or 703-243-1655 or your SPN contact.