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Local problems are best solved by local leaders who know and understand the challenges their communities face. These policy solutions are designed to enable state and local leaders to advance and innovate policy solutions to meet their communities’ unique needs.

Education Reform: Six State Solutions to Empower Parents

The pandemic has given states the opportunity to increase parental choice and experiment with student-focused solutions. These education reforms are not intended to replace traditional public schools, but rather to compliment them. Education choice is the only way to successfully empower parents and enable students from every socioeconomic background to thrive.

State Jobs and Economies: Seven State Solutions to Increase Jobs & Boost the Economy

As businesses and Americans are feeling the impact of inflation, state policymakers can implement solutions to overcome inflation, protect businesses, recover jobs, and put families and communities back on the path to hope and prosperity.

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Healthcare Reform: Six State Solutions to Increase Americans’ Healthcare Access

The healthcare solutions adopted during the pandemic offer long-term fixes to America’s healthcare system that will improve quality, access, and costs for years to come. States should make these good healthcare policy changes permanent so that all Americans can receive affordable, quality healthcare when they need it most.