State Policy Network

For decades, education has been a top priority for SPN and our Network of organizations in all 50 states. Most education policies are made on the state and local level, and those decisions make a difference on the outcomes of students in the community. We don’t think that the education a student receives should be solely based off their income. We want parents to feel a sense of agency and empowerment to determining the right education for their children. We believe all children deserve a quality education, regardless of their means or where they live.

Education has never been more of a focus in public policy than it is now. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, parents have become more aware of what their children are being taught, how education dollars are spent, and what options are (and are not) available to them to access the education their children need and deserve.

We launched SPN’s Education Council to seize this moment for change in K-12 education and bring philanthropic leaders together to accelerate good solutions from the states. We saw a growing need for those passionate about education reform to come together to share intel, collaborate on solutions, and invest in timely, targeted opportunities to advance education reform from state to state.

SPN’s Education Council is an invitation-only group of philanthropists who are committed to reforming K-12 education through a variety of ways that empower families to make the best decisions for their children and encourage transparency and accountability from our nation’s schools. We understand that to succeed in expanding education opportunities for our nation’s children, we cannot work in silos. We are stronger together – when our organizations, in partnership with philanthropists, work in partnership to share information, connect with each other, and identify opportunities to make an impact.

Education Council members have access to the following opportunities:

  • Connect with a community of philanthropists who support education reform efforts in the states.
  • Invitations to exclusive briefings from education experts across our Network of state and national organizations to hear on-the-ground stories of how they are making a difference in education.
  • Opportunities to share exciting education projects they are working on and get feedback from other education supporters.
  • Exclusive updates about education progress in the states and opportunities to invest in game-changing reforms.
  • Access to SPN’s Annual Meeting and private events where they’ll meet leaders in the Network who are leading the way on education reform in the states.


For more information on the Education Council, contact Crystal Baker at