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Beacon Center of Tennessee Hall Tax Campaign Wins Prestigious Reed Award

State Policy Network congratulates the Beacon Center of Tennessee on winning a Reed Award for its issue education campaign to end Tennessee’s Hall Income Tax. The Reed Awards acknowledge the best work happening in the political and advocacy industry. Beacon Center’s Hall Tax Campaign rose above more than 2,300 entries and was awarded “Best Use of Social Media for Independent Expenditure Campaign.” It was nominated by Sue Zoldak of The Zoldak Agency, who worked with the Beacon Center, Emergent Order, Heart+Mind Strategies, and Rod Lowman of The Lowman Group, LLC, on this digital marketing effort.

In addition, the Beacon Center’s Hall Tax Campaign was a finalist three other categories:

This recognition is well-deserved. Through Beacon Center’s campaign effort, Tennesseans and state lawmakers learned about the unfairness of the state’s Hall Income Tax on savings and investments. The campaign garnered 1.8 million video views and included over 75,000 emails to legislators. In April 2016, the Tennessee legislature voted to phase out the Hall Income Tax over the next six years. With this reform, Tennessee officially became an income tax-free state.

“We were proud of our efforts that finally made Tennessee truly income-tax free. This is a great honor and just more proof that what matters isn’t the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog,” said Mark Cunningham, communications director at the Beacon Center. “We could never have been so successful in this endeavor without the help of SPN, Sue Zoldak, and the rest of the team.”  

Congratulations, Beacon Center of Tennessee!