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State Policy Network Mourns Virginia Institute for Public Policy CEO John Taylor

State Policy Network mourns the loss of our fellow CEO John Taylor who passed away on April 6, 2016. We will deeply miss his passionate defense of Constitutional principles, his knowledge of history, and his fierce opposition to those who would suppress liberty. Below is a note from John’s son, Caleb, remembering his father and describing John’s love for Virginia. As founder and president of Virginia Institute for Public Policy, John exemplified so many leaders in this network; devoting himself and assuming responsibility for shaping a state think tank to serve the people of his beloved state.

It is difficult to lose a fellow leader and teammate in the fight. We keep John’s children, grandchildren, and wife Lynn in our thoughts and prayers. Lynn was his partner in life and worked alongside him at Virginia Institute. Their friendship has been an honor and a privilege to me over the last 20 years

We will keep you apprised of pending funeral arrangements.  In the meantime, you can find encouragement and inspiration from John’s wisdom and wit here, here and here.

– Tracie Sharp, President and CEO


Concerning John Taylor’s Passing

On April 6th, 2016 at 10:08 PM, my father, John Taylor, passed away at Augusta Health in Fishersville, VA. For the last 20 years my Dad has fought for the freedoms that most Virginians take for granted. He was the man who stood in the gap against the corporatist excess that is so prevalent from both sides of the aisle in postmodern American politics.

My mother, my brothers and I planned his memorial in the capital of the state whose history he adored. I have always considered my father to be a “one-off” type of man. He acted within a framework of principle in a time when the word principle was certainly not “trending.” He strictly prescribed to the Enlightenment beliefs of our founders when many disrespect them as “dead white guys,” knowing that without the works of people like Jefferson, Madison, Mason and Washington these same detractors would be under the thumb of a continual set of overseers.

In an age when the ideals of America’s Great Experiment, nursed on the blood of Virginia’s sons, are on the verge of being extinguished, we can nary afford the loss of a single guardian. Nevertheless, our Heavenly Father has seen fit to call his servant home, leaving us with the knowledge that Virginia has lost one of its truest, fiercest and most resolute warriors.

He is survived by his wife, Lynn Taylor; three sons: Caleb, Joshua, and Zachary; and two very sad little granddaughters, Audea and Olivia, who love and miss their “Big Papaw” very much.

It is my solemn contention that the Lord required someone to anchor Heaven’s debate team.

Caleb Taylor, the eldest son

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