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Protecting patients and revitalizing America

The Goldwater Institute has a plan to revitalize America and ensure we have the freedom to recover from the COVID-19 crisis. First and foremost, we are eliminating laws that keep patients from getting the best treatment possible. The Institute’s Right to Try law that was adopted in 41 states and signed into federal law gives the federal government a new mandate to meet the immediate needs of patients facing life-threatening illness—including COVID -19.

Our Truth in Medicine Act—already law in several states—protects the sharing of truthful, cutting-edge information about off-label uses of FDA-approved medications. And we are working in the states to eliminate harmful certificate-of-need laws, broaden scope-of-practice laws, and expand the use of telemedicine.

In addition to making sure that Americans get the medical treatment they need, we also have to revitalize our economy. Goldwater is working with allies nationwide to pass the Breaking Down Barriers to Work Act, a state law that recognizes job licenses—including those of medical professionals—across state lines. In the last year, six states have enacted a version of our reform, and it has been introduced in 20 others. Goldwater is also working to protect home-based businesses from government overreach, and working to ensure our tax system is fair, flat, and predictable.

Finally, Goldwater is providing daily insight and commentary about the crisis and our work its blog. This work isn’t going to be easy, but Goldwater believes that America will come out of this crisis stronger than ever before.

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