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Supreme Court leak further undermines Americans’ trust in institutions

In response to the draft opinion leak at the Supreme Court of the United States, State Policy Network’s executive vice president Tony Woodlief noted:

“Americans trust the institutions they perceive to be least controlled by the self-interested political class. They trust state/local more than federal because they believe those institutions are closer to them. And—until now, at least—they’ve trust SCOTUS more than other DC institutions because they believed it was insulated from overt political manipulation.”

Erin Norman, a senior messaging strategist at State Policy Network, added:

“Americans’ trust in institutions has fallen to a disturbing low, with no more than one-quarter of voters trusting any level of government, including unelected agency officials who make many of the rules and regulations that govern our lives. Other key institutions do not fare better—the news media, advocacy groups, local school boards, and labor unions are all institutions Americans trust at worrying low levels. The leak of a draft Supreme Court decision, and the politicization of it, will further erode Americans’ trust in an already undermined federal government.

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