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Week in Review: April 16, 2021


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SPN State Job Report: States lagging in total job recovery led in February

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Solutions from the states: This week’s policy briefs

The Truth About Education Spending in Pennsylvania
The Commonwealth Foundation refutes claims of underfunding by the education establishment in Pennsylvania.

The Costs of Michigan’s Second Lockdown
After several weeks of rising COVID-19 cases and deaths, the Michigan Governor, using powers granted to the director of the Michigan Department of Health and Humans Services, banned indoor dining on Nov. 18, 2020. The ban remained in place until Feb. 1, 2021. A report from the Mackinac Center estimates the costs of that policy, in terms of employment losses in the restaurant and bar industry.

Medicine in a Digital World
Telehealth has enabled Louisianians to connect with healthcare professionals and receive necessary care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. However, without further legislative action, the newly-expanded access to telehealth services will only last as long as the emergency orders that enabled it. A new study by the Pelican Institute outlines several key reforms that would permanently expand access to telehealth in Louisiana.

2021 Legislative Agenda
The Pelican Institute released their priorities in the 2021 legislative session to set up Louisiana for innovation, job growth, and success.

Policy news from the states

Checking in on legislative sessions

Legislative Session: Week Eight at the State House
Alabama Policy Institute

Session Featured Override-O-Rama, Last-Day Spendalooza
Bluegrass Institute

2020’s Baggage Weighs Down 2021 Legislative Session
Georgia Public Policy Foundation

Major Issues Remain Unresolved As This Year’s Legislative Session Heads Into its Final Days
Washington Policy Center


Parents, Students Call for Real School Opening
California Policy Center

Overwhelming Bipartisan Support for School Choice in Arizona Continues to Grow
Goldwater Institute

Five Things to Know About Money-Follow-the-Child Programs
Kansas Policy Institute

A Flood of Federal Dollars for Education
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Enrollment Decreases, Revenue Increases in Traditional School Districts
Palmetto Promise Institute

Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Aims to Strike Amendment ‘Born in Bigotry’ from SC Constitution
Palmetto Promise Institute

Poll Finds Mixed Views About Schools’ Pandemic Performance
Pioneer Institute

The Latest on Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts and HB 349
Show-Me Institute

We Have the Money. Let’s Expand Education Options for All Students
Show-Me Institute

Analysis: Wisconsin School Referendums Pass at Lowest Rate Since 2013
Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty

Election integrity

Vermont on Path to Having Least Secure Mail-in Voting Process in the Country
Ethan Allen Institute

Secretary Ashcroft: Simple Reforms Restore Faith in Elections
Foundation for Government Accountability

Government accountability

Hundreds of $100k Overtime Earners, Despite Drop in Total Overtime
Empire Center for Public Policy

Corrupting Infrastructure in Order to Expand the Federal Government’s Size and Scope
Pacific Research Institute

Connecticut’s Overtime and Workers’ Compensation Costs Outpace New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts
Yankee Institute for Public Policy


COVID-19 Shows that Minnesota Should Tap its Immigrant Health Workers
Center of the American Experiment

Goldwater Webinar Reveals Plan to Unleash Healthcare Innovation
Goldwater Institute

Healthcare as Stimulus and Infrastructure?
Tax Education Foundation of Iowa

Jobs and state economies

COVID-19 and Wages in Delaware
Caesar Rodney Institute

Exodus: Silicon Valley Is Getting a Breath of Fresh Air in the Rocky Mountains
California Policy Center

Occupational Licensing is a Criminal Justice Issue
Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy

Restaurants Need Reasonable Regulations
Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy

Minnesota’s Regulatory Burden Ranks Middle of the Pack Among Neighbors
Center of the American Experiment

Entrepreneur Can Now Follow Her Dreams
Empower Mississippi

GSI Analysis: March ’21 Jobs Report –  Improvement in March, but a Long Recovery Ahead
Garden State Initiative

Five Ways To Tackle Unnecessary Licensing Restrictions
Mackinac Center

Regulatory Reform Will Foster Innovation and Growth
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Occupational Licensing Reform Would Benefit All Louisianans
Pelican Institute for Public Policy

Louisiana Gets Serious About Innovation
Pelican Institute for Public Policy

State budgets and spending

Alaska’s Property Taxes, Ranked
Alaska Policy Forum

Stopping Biden’s Attempt to Prevent a State Tax Cut
Beacon Center of Tennessee

How Delaware’s $7.5 Billion “Shadow Budget” Dominates Total Spending in the First State
Caesar Rodney Institute

Minnesota Ranks 9th Highest in State and Local Tax Collections Per Capita
Center of the American Experiment

Cooper’s Reckless Budget, Part 1: Overview
John Locke Foundation

Cooper’s Reckless Budget, Part 2: A Closer Look at Appropriations
John Locke Foundation

Back-Door Emergency Clause on Income Tax Bill Proposed by House Finance Amendment
Washington Policy Center

Think tanks in the news

School Choice Will Help KY’s Education Game
Bluegrass Institute in the West Kentucky Star

An Unconstitutional Local Tax Grab
The Buckeye Institute and Mackinac Center for Public Policy in National Review

Cutting Taxes Would Jump-Start Delaware’s Economic Growth
Caesar Rodney Institute in the Bay to Bay News

CA School Reopenings Are ‘Just OK’
California Policy Center in Citizens Journal

Fight Against PA Guv’s Powers Reflects Bipartisan Trend
Commonwealth Foundation in RealClearPolitics

Why We Should Limit Pennsylvania Governor’s Emergency Powers
Commonwealth Foundation in The Morning Call

How Cyber Charter Schools Create New Paths for Teachers and Students
Commonwealth Foundation in Broad + Liberty

People Want to Work: New Laws in Mississippi Will Ease Occupational Licensing Burden
Empower Mississippi in the Clarion Ledger

More Vermonters Are Choosing Independent Schools
Ethan Allen Institute in Vermont Biz

The New Georgia Election Law Explained Correctly
Georgia Public Policy Foundation in The North State Journal

Lawmakers Should Follow the ‘Golden Rule’ of Budgeting
Grassroot Institute of Hawaii in The Maui News

It’s Time to Amend the Emergency Management Act
John Locke Foundation in the News & Record

Corporate Tax Should be Priority
John Locke Foundation in The Robesonian

How a Sandbox Could Spur Economic Recovery
Libertas Institute at

Who’s to Blame for Normalizing One-man Rule?
Nevada Policy Research Institute in Elko Daily Free Press

U.S. Healthcare Workers Want to Treat Patients. Let Them.
Pacific Research Institute in the Holland Sentinel

Violating Intellectual Property Rights Jeopardizes Quality Health Care
Pacific Research Institute in the Los Angeles Daily News

Connecticut Must Protect Vulnerable Populations From Biased and Discriminatory Healthcare Practices
Pioneer Institute in The Connecticut Mirror

We Can’t Afford Not to Have a Pro-Growth Tax Reform from Legislature
Pelican Institute in The Advocate

New Mexico Democrats Walk Fine Line on Energy
Rio Grande Foundation in the Farmington Daily Times

Garbage In, Garbage Out: What COVID-19 Modeling Can Teach Us About Climate Change
Texas Public Policy Foundation in The Epoch Times

Yes, Overreliance On Wind And Solar Helped Feed Texas’s Power Outages
Texas Public Policy Foundation in The Federalist

Dental Therapists Can Increase Access to Dental Care
The James Madison Institute in the News-Press

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