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Week in Review: July 16, 2021


The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty issued a letter to the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) warning the state agency that any attempt to enforce certain regulatory restrictions on the startup Swimply, a growing online platform that allows homeowners to make their underutilized residential swimming pools available for rent, would be a violation of state law. 

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States adopt policies to help small businesses rebuild after the coronavirus

States reform occupational licensing laws to make it easier for Americans to get jobs

How the Revolt of the Public is affecting your policy impact: An interview with Martin Gurri

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Solutions from the states: This week’s policy briefs

What Milton Wright Knew About Reading Instruction, But Lots Of Teachers Apparently Don’t
A new report from the Bluegrass Institute points out that while Kentucky’s reading problems are real and involve a massive number of students, it doesn’t need to remain this way.

New Report Exposes Weakness in Minnesota Election Law
Center of the American Experiment released a report that exposes the weaknesses in Minnesota’s same day registration system that relies on a “vote now, check later” verification process. The report offers several recommendations to strengthen Minnesota’s voting system and improve the integrity of elections.

How Pennsylvania Is Progressing in the Race to Rebuild
A new fact sheet from the Commonwealth Foundation outlines how policymakers can spur hiring and recovery for all Pennsylvanians.

TEL-Tale Heart: Crafting Effective Policies to Reduce Spending
A new Commonwealth Foundation study investigating the impacts of Taxpayer and Expenditure Limits (TELs) has found that the policies can ward off tax increases and foster economic growth without forcing cuts to government spending.

Nearly 90% of Covid Relief Funds Allotted to School Districts Still Unspent
A research brief from the John Locke Foundation points out that on average, since last March, North Carolina school districts have spent about 11 percent of funds appropriated for coronavirus relief.

Keeping the Peace Through Intensive Community Policing
A new report from the John Locke Foundation explains that the current focus of catching, convicting, and punishing perpetrators after crimes have been committed has come with enormous economic and social costs. The analysis argues it’s time to adopt a different approach to crime control, one that shifts the focus further upstream, looking at prevention models, rather than exclusively on punitive measures.

Permissionless Innovation: A Pro-Growth Policy Vision and Plan for Florida
The James Madison Institute released a report that outlines the concrete steps that Florida policymakers can take to embrace permissionless innovation.

Policy news from the states


Project Nickel Enhances Education Transparency
Alaska Policy Forum

The Stubborn Myth Of ‘Learning Styles’ In Education And Why It Survives
Bluegrass Institute

Timeline of a Miracle in Education
Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy

Charter Schools Expand in West Virginia
Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy

Federal Data Confirm MN Public School Enrollment Down 17,000 Students
Center of the American Experiment

“We Have Evidence That Critical Race Theory And Other Types Of Indoctrination Are Present In Classrooms”
John Locke Foundation

Schools Should Educate, Not Indoctrinate With Critical Race Theory
Kansas Policy Institute

Save our Schools: Center Calls on General Assembly to be Heroes and End Divisive School-based Race Wars
Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity

Pandemic Lesson: Curriculum Transparency Helps Parents, Can Improve Civics Education
Sutherland Institute

Election Integrity

“Jim Crow 2.0” Voter ID Laws Do Not Suppress Votes. What Else Do Progressives Have Wrong?
John Locke Foundation


Yes, There Are Real Solutions to Improve Healthcare.
Goldwater Institute

Single-Payer Health Care’s Deadly Waitlists
Pacific Research Institute

Medicare Expansion Is A Costly, Ineffective Reform
Pacific Research Institute

American Health Care Needs Competition 
Texas Public Policy Foundation

Government Accountability

Health Research Inc. Turns Over its Payroll Records Despite Claiming To Be Exempt from FOIL
Empire Center for Public Policy

Who Are New Jersey’s “Watchdog” Media?
Garden State Initiative

What Will It Take For Gov. Cooper To End the State of Emergency?
John Locke Foundation

General Assembly Extends Lamont’s Emergency Powers For Another Two Months
Yankee Institute for Public Policy

Rally At The Capitol To End Connecticut’s Emergency Declaration: “Represent Us Or Resign”
Yankee Institute for Public Policy

Jobs and state economies

Evers Administration Should Update Income Tax Withholding Schedules To Align With Tax Relief
Badger Institute

Fixing California- Part Five: Affordable Market Housing
California Policy Center

Sandboxes for All
Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy

More Evidence That ‘Enhanced’ Unemployment Benefits Are Holding Back Hiring
Center of the American Experiment

Minnesota Is Left Behind As Nine Other States Cut Taxes
Center of the American Experiment

The Bi-Partisan Push To Limit Excessive Licensing
Empower Mississippi

Louisiana, Many Others, Adopt Significant Tax Reform In 2021
Empower Mississippi

The Unemployment Bonus Is Holding States Back From Economic Recovery
The Foundation for Goverment Accountability

It’s Not A Mystery Why People Are Leaving Hawaii
Grassroot Institute of Hawaii

Chicago’s Unemployment Recovery Near Dead Last For Big Cities
Illinois Policy Institute

Illinois May Pay Bonuses To Get Workers To Take Jobs Again
Illinois Policy Institute

Supplemental Unemployment Payment is Hurting Colorado’s Economy
Independence Institute

Locke’s Brian Balfour Highlights Misguided Criticism Of N.C. Tax Cuts
John Locke Foundation

Massachusetts Is Losing Adjusted Gross Income to No-Income Tax State Migration
Pacific Research Institute

How Much Have Property Valuations Increased In Your Nebraska County?
Platte Institute

POLL: Texans Looking for Property Tax Relief in Special Session
Texas Public Policy Foundation

Restaurant Owner Closes Fairfield Location After Struggling To Find Workers, Blames Extended Unemployment Benefits
Yankee Institute for Public Policy

State budgets and spending

Research Shows That People Respond To Sales Tax Hikes
Center of the American Experiment

Fiscal Year Ends With A $2.7 Billion Surplus
Center of the American Experiment

Rec and Restroom Facility Projects Among Fresh DASNY Pork
Empire Center for Public Policy

Vermont Can’t Afford It
Ethan Allen Institute

Looking Back: Ten Years of Budget Reforms and Tax Cuts
Mississippi Center for Public Policy

Nebraska Collects $1 Billion More in Tax Revenue Than Expected
Platte Institute

Big Government Is Taking From Americans’ Wallets And Shopping Carts 
Mississippi Center for Public Policy

Does the Gas Tax Bill Violate the Constitution?
Show-Me Institute


Economic Rorschach Test
John Locke Foundation

America Must Support Cuban Freedom Fighters
Mississippi Center for Public Policy

Smoke on the Horizon: Failed California Fire Prevention Setting Up Terrible Fire Season
California Policy Center

Fixing California – Part Six: Homelessness And Law Enforcement
California Policy Center

Is There a Future for West Virginia?
Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy

When the Police Go Away, The Criminals Will Play
Cascade Policy Institute

Oklahomans Say Media, Social Media Greatest Threats To American Democracy
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Think tanks in the news

‘Success Breeds Success.’ Ohio Is On A Post-Pandemic Winning Streak
The Buckeye Institute in The Columbus Dispatch

PA Mother May Pull Kids Out Of Public Schools Over Critical Race Theory: Truth Is Being ‘Undermined’ 
Commonwealth Foundation on Fox News

Ranked-Choice Voting Helped Wreck Minneapolis
Freedom Foundation of Minnesota in The Wall Street Journal

Five Thousand Teachers Pledge to Teach Critical Race Theory Against State Law
Freedom Foundation at Redstate

Freedom and the New Hampshire Advantage
Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy in the New Hampshire Union Leader

Gov’t. Check Can’t Beat Work’s Dignity
Georgia Center for Opportunity in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

How Has The Pandemic Affected Wealth?
Georgia Public Policy Foundation in the Daily Citizen-News

Is Pay Transparency Hurting Or Helping Colorado?
Independence in The Denver Gazette

North Carolina Fights Back Against Critical Race Theory In Public Schools
John Locke Foundation in InsideSources

The Moral Panic Over Critical Race Theory Is Coming for a North Carolina Teacher of the Year
John Locke Foundation cited at Mother Jones

Let Our Public Servants Share Their Expertise
Mackinac Center for Public Policy in The Hill

Medicare Expansion Is A Costly, Ineffective Reform
Pacific Research Institute in the Washington Examiner

Telehealth Is A Rare Good Thing To Come From The Pandemic. Let’s Make It Permanent
Pacific Research Institute at

Cut The Rates! Why Iowa Cannot Be Complacent In Lowering Income Tax Rates
Tax Education Foundation of Iowa in The Center Square

Time’s Up for Iowa’s Terrible Tax Credits
Tax Education Foundation of Iowa in the Des Moines Register

There Is No Reason To Keep Collective Bargaining Talks Secret
Washington Policy Center in The Spokesman-Review

You Don’t Need ‘Emergency’ Powers, Governor
Yankee Institute for Public Policy in the Connecticut Post

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