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Week in Review: May 14, 2021


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Solutions from the states: This week’s policy briefs

Policy Solutions for the Pandemic: Declining Extra Unemployment Benefits Will Help Get Ohio Back to Work 
As Ohio considers whether it should withdraw from the federal pandemic unemployment benefits program, The Buckeye Institute is out with its newest Policy Solutions for the Pandemic memo outlining why Ohio should withdraw. “Ohio should decline Congress’s misguided generosity and prioritize policies and incentives that get Ohioans back in the labor force.”

Even in Florida, Taxpayer-Funded Benefits During COVID-19 Pay Better Than Returning to Work
The Foundation for Government Accountability published a new report that breaks down the congressionally-inflated cash benefits by month for Florida unemployment recipients. The report finds that individuals receiving inflated cash and related benefits in Florida would take home more than double what a full-time minimum wage worker would earn, and nearly 17 percent more than the median salary of full-time workers in Florida.  

A Regulatory Sandbox Can Accelerate Innovation 
A recently released Cato Institute report ranked New Jersey 49th, or second worst in the country, for imposing regulatory barriers on entrepreneurs. This is no surprise to the state’s business leaders since inconsistent and imposing business regulations were cited as problematic during Garden State Initiative’s business climate forum just last March. One step that can show New Jersey is serious about entrepreneurship is a regulatory sandbox.

AZ School Districts Reroute Millions That Lawmakers Intended for Teachers
In 2018, Arizona state lawmakers approved the “20×2020” plan to send hundreds of millions of new dollars to public school districts so they could raise average teacher salaries by 20 percent. But data revealed in a new Goldwater Institute report suggests that most of that money never made it—at least, not to teachers.

The Conservative Case for Ranked Choice Voting
A new report from the Independence Institute evaluates the compatibility of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) with conservative principles.

If Biden Can Support Keeping Nuclear Power Operating, Can Cooper?
A new report from the John Locke Foundation highlights the benefits of nuclear power and encourages the North Carolina Governor to adopt this increasingly popular and bipartisan solution for energy stability.

A Brighter COVID Dashboard: State Should Cut Confusion And Clarify All Eldercare Cases and Deaths
Over time, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services and Department of Public Health (DPH) have improved reporting about cases and deaths from COVID-19 in state-regulated eldercare facilities, but flaws and omissions remain and should be corrected, according to a new study published by Pioneer Institute.

Policy news from the states

Checking in on Legislative Sessions

The 2021 Legislative Session Failed to Help Small Business, But Some Good Things Did Happen
Washington Policy Center


The Benefit of School Choice in the COVID Era
Ethan Allen Institute

Choice Benefits Kids in Florida, Indiana, and Arizona While Kansas Resists
Kansas Policy Institute

What Parents Want
Show-Me Institute

‘Miller Time’ Needs to be Over in Milwaukee Public Schools
Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty

Government Accountability

79,000 More Illinoisans Are in Poverty Because State Can’t Fix Its Culture of Corruption
Illinois Policy Institute

Bipartisan Concern Over Where the Biden Administration Is Taking the Country
John Locke Foundation

Prepare For A Fight on Major Legislation After COVID-19
Mackinac Center for Public Policy

All Parties Agree: Dual-Serving Legislators are Bad for Democracy
Nevada Policy Research Institute

Changes to the Public Records Request Laws Are a Potential Roadblock to Government Transparency
Pelican Institute for Public Policy


Nursing Shortage During COVID-19 Argues for Multistate Licenses in Illinois
Illinois Policy Institute

Government-Sponsored Health Care Roundup: Where The States Stand.
Pacific Research Institute

Senators Hear Testimony on Removing SC’s Certificate of Need Program
Palmetto Promise Institute

Jobs and State Economies

Alaska Should Reject a State UI Bonus
Alaska Policy Forum

April’s Bad Job Numbers Show That Expanded Unemployment Insurance is Holding Hiring Back
Center of the American Experiment

Employers Are Raising Wages to Attract Workers
Center of the American Experiment

As Weather Improves & COVID Fades, What’s the Outlook for NJ Tourism? 
Garden State Initiative

President Biden to Reinstate the Work Search Requirements for Unemployment Benefits
Georgia Center for Opportunity

Unemployment Figures for the US Contrary to Analysts’ Expectations
Georgia Center for Opportunity

Low Labor Force Participation is Holding Back N.H.’s Economy
Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy

Fair Share Amendment: Weighing Costs & Benefits for Massachusetts’ Economy & Workers
Pioneer Institute’s HubWonk Podcast

State Budgets and Spending

It’s Time for a Responsible Alaska Budget
Alaska Policy Forum

Legislature Urged To Keep FY22 Total State Appropriations Under $6.18 Billion
Alaska Policy Forum

Kentucky’s Bad Blue-State Habits: Forbes Reports Kentucky 8th Among States With Most Debt.
Bluegrass Institute

A Cautionary Tale: Promises of Relief from NJ’s Income Tax 
Garden State Initiative

Subsidies Give Kansas the Highest Effective Tax Rates on Mature Businesses
Kansas Policy Institute

Revenue Triggers Are a Critical Component of Tax Reform
Pelican Institute for Public Policy

Treasury Issues Guidance on Federal Relief Package and Some of the Rules Might Impact Nebraska
Platte Institute

Taxpayers Beware: 3 Issues You Should Be Concerned About in Nebraska
Platte Institute


Use Caution in Interpreting Relationship Between Offender Race and Prison Sentencing
Badger Institute

Addiction Recovery is Tough, WV Shouldn’t Make it Tougher
Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy

Portland Street Response: What Are You Waiting For?
Cascade Policy Institute

Freedom to Drive Protected in Mississippi
Empower Mississippi

Free Beer with Your COVID-19 Shot is Aim of Illinois Lawmakers
Illinois Policy Institute

Free Beer & No Masks: How Better Vaccine Incentives Can Help Shorten the Pandemic
Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy

On Crime and Punishment in Baltimore
Maryland Public Policy Institute

When Will Politics be About Ideas, Rather Than Parties?
Nevada Policy Research Institute Free to Offend Podcast

6 Factors Inhibiting Family Growth in California
Pacific Research Institute

Think tanks in the news

Washington Has No Authority to Dictate State Taxes
The Buckeye Institute in The Wall Street Journal

Put the Kids First, Ohio: It’s Time for ESAs
The Buckeye Institute in Ohio Gadfly

Already a ‘Turkey,’ Spirit Mountain Deserves No More from Taxpayers
Center of the American Experiment in the Duluth News Tribune

Unemployment Benefits Forever: Biden’s Dream of American Dependence
Foundation for Government Accountability in the American Spectator

White House Task Force Is Payoff to Biden’s Union Cronies
Freedom Foundation in The Daily Signal

Don’t Make Work a Four-Letter Word
Georgia Public Policy Foundation in The Citizen

Bad Federal Policy of Biden Administration Explains Jobs Report Disconnect
Georgia Public Policy Foundation in the Savannah Morning News

Kansas Resisting Choice that has Benefited Education of Children in Indiana, Florida and Arizona
Kansas Policy Institute in the McPherson Sentinel

Four Reforms Every State Should Adopt to Help its Workforce
Mackinac Center for Public Policy in The Hill

It’s Time For A Supply-Side Resurgence
Pacific Research Institute in Forbes

Education Scholarship Accounts Would Give SC Parents Better Options
Palmetto Promise Institute in The Post & Courier

Early Census Data Holds a Warning About New Mexico’s Future
Rio Grande Foundation in the Farmington Daily Times

Tax Reform is Far From Complete in Iowa
Tax Education Foundation of Iowa in The Gazette

Everything in Washington Should Reopen Now
Washington Policy Center in The Seattle Times

Snake River is Most Endangered in the Country: Inside the Fight to Save it
ABC News features the Washington Policy Center

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