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WILL proposes solutions, defends civil liberties in crisis

With the coronavirus pandemic descending on Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty’s (WILL) policy and legal teams swung into action to address the needs and concerns of the crisis.

WILL’s legal team defended the civil liberties of churches that sought to hold drive-up services on Easter weekend, educated the public on the emergency powers of the Wisconsin governor, and stood up to local law enforcement when they attempted to use the crisis to threaten a teen over a social media post.

WILL’s policy team was busy looking for ways to address the needs provoked by the sudden crisis. Our education researchers advocated for new policies to help students and schools navigate the post-COVID landscape, they issued a brief on the CARES Act and how it applies to K-12 education, and told the stories of private schools and charter schools helping their students, families, and communities.

In addition, WILL’s policy team made the case for easing occupational licensing regulations on medical professionals and partnered with free-market groups to provide policy solutions to help workers and the economy weather the crisis and eventually recover.

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