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Centennial Institute celebrates ballot successes in 2019

Colorado is blessed with an amendment called the Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR) that keeps a hold on the state budget. This fall, tax-and-spend types invested in a costly campaign to gut Colorado’s TABOR amendment, but to no avail. An inspired coalition, including the Independence Institute, Americans for Prosperity, and the Centennial Institute, worked together to share the good news about the benefits of TABOR—and won.

Centennial Institute also took a bold stand on Jefferson County where Colorado Christian University is located. Jefferson County had an anti-TABOR initiative on the ballot—designed to boost the county’s budget by avoiding the requirement that our elected officials ask voters for their consent before raising taxes. Centennial Institute took a stand against this ballot measure, Jeffco 1A, and was delighted to see the initiative defeated on election day.