State Policy Network

SPN Annual Meeting

State Policy Network’s Annual Meeting is the premier gathering of organizations and people dedicated to promoting state policy solutions that strengthen communities and improve the lives of Americans.

Each year, 1,300 attendees representing state-based and state focused organizations from all 50 states gather to be inspired, discover and develop new strategies to replace failed government policies, and network. State Policy Network hosts this meeting to strengthen the state-focused network by:

  • Inspiring attendees to go further—whether that be improving the operations of their organization or advancing policy change through effective leadership, education, outreach, and communications.
  • Providing an environment where policy ideas can be shared, tested, and sharpened so that state solutions that improve the lives of individuals and families can have national impact
  • Connecting attendees with peers, mentors, philanthropic partners, and experts who can help them to grow and achieve personally and professionally

Join us for these upcoming SPN Annual Meetings:

SPN 27th Annual Meeting
October 29-November 1, 2019
Colorado Springs, CO
See details here.

SPN 28th Annual Meeting
August 31–September 3, 2020
Chicago, IL

Previous Locations

1992: Colorado Springs, CO
1993: Traverse City, MI
1994: Tampa, FL
1995: San Diego, CA
1996: Minneapolis, MN
1997: Tempe, AZ
1998: Atlanta,GA
1999: Dallas, TX
2000: St. Louis, MO
2001: Boulder, CO
2002: Indianapolis, IN
2003: Seattle, WA
2004: Austin, TX
2005: Charleston, SC
2006: Milwaukee, WI
2007: Portland, ME
2008: Scottsdale, AZ
2009: Asheville, NC
2010: Cleveland, OH
2011: Bellevue, WA
2012: Amelia Island, FL
2013: Oklahoma City, OK
2014: Denver, CO
2015: Grand Rapids, MI
2016: Nashville, TN
2017: San Antonio, TX
2018: Salt Lake City, UT