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Medicaid expansion in Missouri

The Show-Me Institute is telling the full story on the effects of Medicaid expansion in Missouri. So far, and due in large part to the alarm Show-Me Institute researchers sounded in 2012, Missouri has held the line on expansion. However, expansion will be on the ballot in November. As is the case in most states, Medicaid is already taking the greatest share of the state budget—to the detriment of education and other services—while not actually improving health outcomes for participants.

Show-Me used their reach and influence throughout the state to expose the true impact of expansion in terms of costs and health outcomes. For example, a study by Washington University found that expanding Medicaid would actually make money for the state; but as our Senior Analyst Elias Tsapelas pointed out, the study assumed Missouri would ignore federal law and reclassify current recipients as new beneficiaries to reap more federal dollars. So yes, the state could get a fiscal windfall from expansion, but only if it ignores federal law.

Show-Me has been sharing facts like this all over the state through op-eds, interviews, and social media outreach. Show-Me also hosted events in St. Louis and Kansas City with more planned in the coming weeks.

The quality of Show-Me’s research has reinforced its brand for accuracy in the public square. Tsapelas is now recognized as one of the preeminent experts on Medicaid policy in the state. He was recently invited by Focus St. Louis, a national leader in civic leadership education, to speak on a panel with proponents of Medicaid expansion. Tsapelas made the case against expansion in the Show-Me State.

The Show-Me Institute wants healthcare reform that actually improves health outcomes for those served by Medicaid while still being affordable for the taxpayer. Missouri won’t get that by pouring more money into a failed system.

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