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The College Fix driving force on highlighting issues in higher education

The College Fix continues to serve as a driving force in sounding the alarm on issues facing higher education today. In addition to nearly 1 million page views each month, The College Fix‘s work throughout 2019 was picked up by mainstream media outlets such as Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and New York Post. 

What’s more, The College Fix recently hired a cartoonist whose compelling images have influenced hundreds of thousands of people on social media so far—helping to crystalize the problems with higher education among the masses.

In fall 2019, The College Fix also began conducting nationwide polls of college students to capture concerning opinions among young people. The College Fix found that nearly 30 percent of Democratic college students favor banning MAGA hats on campus, only eight percent of Democratic college students are very proud to be American, and 73 percent of Republican students have withheld political views in class for fear their grades would suffer! These startling results have been cited by major news outlets across the nation, and more crucial questions are in the making.

In 2019, The College Fix also submitted open records requests to nearly three dozen universities regarding their bias response teams and uncovered a number of trends, including how these teams monitor professors’ in-class conduct and comments and are glorified tattle-tale systems.

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