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SPN’s 2023 Network Award Presented to Groups that Improved Education for Millions of Children

State Policy Network’s 2023 Network Award recognized the tremendous wave of school choice policies that advanced across the country—and the groups that made it possible. In January, just two states had “universal” school choice laws—Arizona and West Virginia. Today, thanks to the tireless efforts of this Network, eight states now have universal school choice: Arizona, West Virginia, Utah, Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Florida, and Ohio.

Presented at SPN’s 31st Annual Meeting in Chicago, the following organizations received the Network Award for their work to improve education and advance universal school choice:

It’s no secret that America’s education system is failing to give children the skills they need to become fulfilled, productive adults. While many students receive a good education in this country, a quality education is unfortunately out of reach for millions of children—especially those in low-income and disadvantaged communities.

This Network believes all children—regardless of where they live or how much money their family makes—deserve a quality education that sets them up for success. School choice policies, including Education Savings Accounts (ESAs), tax credit scholarships, or education vouchers, are one way to reach that goal. These polices give parents more learning options—empowering them to pick the learning environment that best fits the needs of their child.

While the school choice movement saw significant success in the year after the pandemic, 2023 truly stands out as “the year for school choice.” As noted above, Utah, Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Florida, and Ohio passed universal school choice bills—which means all children in the state have access to the program.

Congratulations to the Network award winners! Your work is giving millions of children the opportunity to access a quality education they need and deserve.

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