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Polling Spotlight: How Americans think we should fix jobs and the economy

Coronavirus lockdowns didn’t end the day they were lifted. Americans have been feeling their effects at work and in their budgets since March. Many have changed their spending habits in the last three months, and 68 percent of Americans think this economic impact will last seven months or longer.

These pandemic-related struggles have hit so close to home that Americans reported the US economy was the top issue factoring into their votes.

Recent polling from Heart+Mind Strategies shows Americans are eager for solutions that will grow jobs and boost the economy. Regardless of 2020 election outcomes, this is good news for nonprofit think tanks and their communities. That desire for growth can create common ground for working together on solutions that truly meet local needs.

Heart+Mind Strategies asked Americans about their thoughts on a few policy ideas related to jobs and the economy. Here’s a look at the solutions that resonated with the public and could open doors for discussions about meaningful reforms.

Reactions to other policy ideas:

34% are in favor of establishing a federal jobs corps that focuses employment through public works projects, expanded collective bargaining, and racial equity.

26% agree we should have a guaranteed job with benefits for every American making millions of Americans employees of the federal government.

About this polling

State Policy Network is working with Heart + Mind Strategies to track the American public’s opinions through this time of upheaval and change. This data was collected by Heart+Mind Strategies through an online survey conducted October 14-15, 2020 (n=1,002). It represents Wave 21 of the tracking survey, which began on March 18-19, 2020.

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