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Week in Review: August 12, 2022


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Policy News from the States


Police Banned, Crime A Daily Occurrence In MPS Schools (Badger Institute)

For the Sake of Milwaukee’s Children, Get Cops Back in MPS Schools (Badger Institute)

Report Confirms Need For Reforms In Newport Schools, More Options For Parents (Bluegrass Institute)

Back-To-School Questions For Parents To Ask Teachers (Center of the American Experiment)

‘Restorative Justice’ Discipline Policies Fail Both Students And Teachers (Center of the American Experiment)

5 Ways To Expand School Choice In Mississippi (Empower Mississippi)

Chicago Teachers Union Fights To Weaken Chicago Charter Schools (Illinois Policy Institute)

Chicago Parents Spend $886 Per Child On School Supplies (Illinois Policy Institute)

Principal Pay, Politics, and the Pandemic (John Locke Foundation)

Maine Has The Infrastructure To Make Open Enrollment A Reality (Maine Policy Institute)

Lankford Seeks Education Vouchers For Students (Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs)

Oklahoma Voters Underestimate How Much Is Spent On Education (Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs)

Election Integrity

How States Are Leading On Election Integrity—And How More Can Join (Foundation for Government Accountability)

How To Use Illinois’ New Permanent Vote-By-Mail System (Illinois Policy Institute)

Accurate Voter Rolls Critical to Honest Elections (Nevada Policy Research Institute)

Arizona Expands Options For Parents To Educate Their Children (Washington Policy Center)

Energy and the Environment

Following Europe’s Energy Lead Will Leave NJ Families In The Dark & Cold (Garden State Initiative)

Mississippi Families Are Paying The Price Of Solar Switch (Mississippi Center for Public Policy)

Government Accountability

It City or Snitch City? (Beacon Center of Tennessee)

Mississippi Law Allows For Seizure Of Private Property – Without A Criminal Conviction (Empower Mississippi)


Insulin Price Caps Are A Bad Idea (Cardinal Institute)

How To Increase Hawaii’s Healthcare Capacity (Grassroot Institute of Hawaii)

Drug Price Control: Bad Medicine for Healthcare and Region (Pioneer Institute)


The Barriers To Affordable Manufactured Homes (Frontier Institute)

Rescuing the Housing Market with Manufactured Housing (Libertas Institute)

The Housing Crunch Is In Southern Maine. That’s Why Statewide Policy And Broad Mandates Are A Bad Idea (Maine Policy Institute)

Inflation Reduction Act

“Inflation Reduction Act” Holds the SALT (Empire Center)

Inflation Reduction Act? Not Likely (Iowans for Tax Relief Foundation)

Build Back Better ‘Light’ Passes The U.S. Senate — What It Means For Americans (Washington Policy Center)

Another Bad Idea: Trying To Fight Inflation By Raising Taxes (Frontier Institute)

Jobs And State Economies

Minnesota’s Falling Unemployment Rate Is Still Entirely Due To Minnesotans Leaving The Labor Force (Center of the American Experiment)

Number Of People Working Hasn’t Caught Up To Pre-Pandemic Levels (Georgia Center for Opportunity)

Changes Coming to Georgia Charter Schools (Georgia Public Policy Foundation)

The Pursuit of Happiness Is a Fundamental Right (Goldwater Institute)

Behind Those Big Jobs Numbers (John Locke Foundation)

State Budgets and Spending

Virginia Sets an Example for Ratepayer Accountability in Colorado (Independence Institute)

Four Reasons to Support Tax Cuts for North Carolina (John Locke Foundation)

Legislators Have Spent (At Least) 60% Of The State’s Record Budget Surplus (Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy)

It’s Time To Modernize Oklahoma’s Sales-Tax Structure (Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs)

Workplace Freedom

Labor Pressures Manchin To Flip On Clean Energy Initiatives (Americans for Fair Treatment)

AFSCME Spends Members’ Dues On Progressive Politics (Americans for Fair Treatment)


Serving Their Local Communities (Empower Mississippi)

Tribal Contempt Is Old As Human History. Here Are Three Things That Can Change It (Sutherland Institute)

Think Tanks in the News

Union Sponsored Ab 5 Hits Independent Truckers (California Policy Center in the California Globe)

Drug Price Controls Will Embolden China At Your Expense (Center of the American Experiment at RealClearPolicy)

LinkedIn Silences Climate Skeptics While Biden Pushes Expensive Green Schemes (Commonwealth Foundation at RealClearEnergy) 

What Democrats Get Wrong About Climate Change (Commonwealth Foundation in The Philadelphia Inquirer)

State Senators To Get A Harsh Reality Check As Their Own Workers Unionize (Empire Center in the New York Post)

Candidate Questions for 2022 (Ethan Allen Institute in VermontBiz)

The Housing Affordability Problem Remains The Same (Georgia Public Policy Foundation in the Dalton Daily Citizen)

The Growing Concern Over Chinese Investment In American Agriculture (Iowans for Tax Relief Foundation in The Center Square)

Don’t Be Fooled—The Left Is Gaslighting Again (James Madison Institute at RealClearPolitics)

Will Hospitals Kill Medicaid Expansion? (John Locke Foundation at NC Spin)

The Good News About The Budget (Mackinac Center in The Alpena News)

States, Nation Embrace Long-Held Conservative Views (Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs in the Journal Record)

Hospital Market Could Use More Competition (Pacific Research Institute in Newsmax)

A History Lesson for President Joe Biden (Texas Public Policy Foundation and Iowans for Tax Relief Foundation at RealClearPolicy)

Inflation Recession Act: Higher Taxes, More Inflation, Deeper Recession (Texas Public Policy Foundation in The Center Square)

Local Impacts Of The Inflation Reduction Act: Possible Grants For Environmental Causes (Washington Policy Center cited at Fox 13 Seattle)

Washington State Auditor Finds 61 Areas Of Concern In $37B Of Federal Funding (Washington Policy Center cited in The Center Square)

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