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Week in Review: January 27, 2023


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Iowa Gives Thousands Of Children More Opportunity With New School Choice Program

Let Kids Transfer to a Different Public School

School Choice in 2023: 10 States to Watch

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Maine: Maine lawmakers are considering legislation that would exempt small towns from new housing regulations (Maine Policy Institute).

Mississippi: The Mississippi Legislature is considering a bill that would allow homeschool students to participate in public school extracurricular activities(Empower Mississippi).

Mississippi is also considering a bill that would allow shampooers to work without obtaining a time-consuming and irrelevant cosmetology license (Empower Mississippi).

Montana: Montana lawmakers introduced a bill that aims to increase the aggregate limit for student scholarship and innovative education tax credits (Frontier Institute).

Georgia: A Georgia lawmaker introduced legislation to expand the scholarship tax credit program cap from $120 million to $200 million, making the program available for thousands of additional students (Georgia Public Policy Foundation).

Florida: The Florida Governor announced sweeping proposals to protect Florida’s teachers and ensure that the groups seeking to represent them are acting in teachers’ best interests (James Madison Institute).

Virginia: The Commonwealth is considering a bill that creates an ESA program in the state (Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy).

Criminal Justice Reform

Kentucky’s High Incarceration Rates ‘Unacceptable’
Bluegrass Institute


Alaska’s Education Freedom Report Card: Education Choice
Alaska Policy Forum

Tennessee’s Charter School Community is Under Attack
Beacon Center

Minnesota K-12 Funding Is Up, Enrollment Down
Center of the American Experiment

If Education Funding was the Problem, Minneapolis and St. Paul Would Have Highest Test Scores in State
Freedom Foundation of Minnesota

Why Educational Opportunity Is Good For Rural Areas, Too
Georgia Center for Opportunity

School Choice Would Benefit Rural Students In Georgia
Georgia Public Policy Foundation

Time to End the Manufactured Shortages in K-12 Education
Goldwater Institute

Iowa Secures School Choice, Tees Up Academic Transparency
Goldwater Institute

School Choice Is Driving Entrepreneurship in Education & the Workforce
Goldwater Institute

Education Freedom Works Like Grocery Freedom
Idaho Freedom Foundation

Study: School Choice Doesn’t Harm Rural Schools
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

School Choice Week

School Choice Works For Kids Who Attend Private Schools, Too
Bluegrass Institute

School Choice Helps Traditional Public Schools, Too!
Bluegrass Institute

Celebrate School Choice Week By Learning About Education Options
California Policy Center

Education Savings Accounts Would Make Oregon Students Better Off
Cascade Policy Institute

National School Choice Week: Celebrating Education Freedom And Opportunity — MN Can Do More
Center of the American Experiment

School Choice Celebration a Success
Empire Center

School Choice Week A Reminder Why Illinois Families Love The Invest In Kids Act
Illinois Policy Institute

What Happened With School Choice In Our State?
Mississippi Center for Public Policy

Lombardo Addresses School Choice in State of the State Address
Nevada Policy Research Institute

Energy and the Environment

Adding Climate Change To The Growth Management Act Adds Cost But Won’t Help The Environment
Washington Policy Center

Government Accountability

Rethinking Transparency And Accountability: Part 1
California Policy Center

Rethinking Transparency and Accountability: Part 2
California Policy Center

New Audit Finds School Districts Stockpiling Funding
Commonwealth Foundation

Despite Working At Home, Commuters Kept Paying A Big Share Of NY Taxes
Empire Center

Chicago Teachers Union spends $17M on Illinois political campaigns
Illinois Policy Institute

4 Steps To Rid Illinois Statehouse Of Madigan’s Corrupt Legacy
Illinois Policy Institute


SB 5236 Isn’t The Solution: More Nurses Are Needed, Not More Regulations
Washington Policy       

Jobs and State Economies

Mogul Migration
California Policy Center

The Rich Pay The Majority Of Federal Income Taxes
Center of the American Experiment

At End Of ’22, NY Still Near Bottom In Pandemic Recovery
Empire Center

High Cost Of Living Drives Family, Friends Out Of Hawaii
Grassroot Institute of Hawaii

High-Tax Illinois Loses People, Low-Tax States Gain In 2022
Illinois Policy Institute

How Licensing Makes You Wait Longer For A Haircut
Josiah Bartlett Center

How Ohio and Utah’s Licensing Portability Laws are Boosting the Economy and Easing the Labor Shortage
Libertas Institute

Washington’s Gas Prices Have Jumped 25 Cents Per Gallon Since CO2 Tax Took Effect
Washington Policy Center

State Budgets and Spending

Walz Checks Will Boost Inflation
Center of the American Experiment

Huge Surplus Does Not Deter Walz From Raising Taxes
Center of the American Experiment

How To Cut Minnesota’s Income Taxes
Center of the American Experiment

North Carolina Among Many Other States Pursuing Lower Taxes
John Locke Foundation

It’s (Still) Time For Tax Reform
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Nebraska, Wisconsin, Aim Towards Flat Taxes
Platte Institute

Workplace Freedom

University Of Illinois-Chicago Faculty Strike Over Pay
Americans for Fair Treatment

Right-To-Work Under Threat In Michigan
Americans for Fair Treatment

What’s Behind NY’s Union Membership Slide?
Empire Center

Goldwater Tells Federal Agency to Protect Workers’ Rights from Union Power Grab
Goldwater Institute

Illinois Union Membership Shrinks By 17,000 In 2022
Illinois Policy Institute

Share of Union Workers at All-Time Low
John Locke Foundation


Governor Walz Needs To Ban Tiktok From State Government Devices
Center of the American Experiment

Montana: A Sanctuary For Freedom And Free Enterprise
Frontier Institute

Green’s State Of The State Address Deserves Kudos But With Caveats
Grassroot Institute of Hawaii

Will Congress Raise The Debt Ceiling (Again)?
Mississippi Center for Public Policy

Changes To Food Packaging Rules May Increase Food Costs
Washington Policy Center

Think Tanks in the News

‘Blueprint For A Freer Tennessee’ Meant To Empower State’s Residents
Beacon Center | The Tennessean

‘Learning Pods’: Return Of The One-Room Schoolhouse
Bluegrass Institute | Richmond Register

California Voters Approve Over $3.0 Billion Per Year in New Local Taxes
California Policy Center | California Globe

Remove the HSA Ceiling to Improve Health Care
Cardinal Institute | RealClearPolicy

Sunshine Might Be Free But Solar Power Is Not Cheap
Center of the Experiment | RealClearPolicy

Small Steps Toward Solving Oregon’s Education Crisis
Cascade Policy Institute | Portland Tribune

Passing Voter ID Can Help Restore Trust In Elections
Commonwealth Foundation in City & State PA

Navigating Open Records Requests In An Age Of Pandemics, School Closures, And Mask Mandates
Commonwealth Foundation at Broad + Liberty

States Can Expand Educational Freedom Through Federal Tax Credit
Commonwealth Foundation at Newsweek

Mississippi Charter School Law Turns Ten
Empower Mississippi | Enterprise-Journal

Kurk Appeal to SCOTUS Pins Hopes on Freedom of Association Claim
Freedom Foundation at RedState

Bill To Revise Montana Labor Laws Gets Pushback From Unions
Freedom Foundation cited in the Daily Montanan

Legislative Staffer Unions Percolate Beyond D.C.
Freedom Foundation cited at Politico

Governing by Crisis
George Public Policy Foundation

Douglas Carswell Has Taken On Political Establishment, From Britain To Jackson
Mississippi Center for Public Policy’s Douglas Carswell featured in the Clarion Ledger

Don’t Fall for Biden’s Obamacare Boosterism
Pacific Research Institute | Newsmax

Sorry, We Have To Raise Medicare’s Eligibility Age
Pacific Research Institute |Washington Examiner

What Does Missouri’s Teacher Shortage Really Look Like?
Show-Me Institute |Columbia Daily Tribune

ESG Investments’ Failures Show States Are Right To Fight The Green Investing Agenda
Texas Public Policy Foundation | Washington Examiner

Make No Mistake: A Tax On Capital Gains Is An Income Tax
Washington Policy Center in the Spokesman-Review

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