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Week in Review: July 15, 2022


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Solutions from the states: This week’s policy briefs

Policy News from the States


So Much for Transparency
Caesar Rodney Institute

Arizona Legislature Passes Goldwater’s ESA Expansion to Empower Families

Goldwater Institute

Idaho Families Look On As Arizona Leaves The Gem State In The Dust On School Choice

Idaho Freedom Foundation

Arizona’s Expansion Of Empowerment Scholarship Accounts A Model For Maine And Nation

Maine Policy Institute

Government Education Monopoly Busted…Just Not In Louisiana

Pelican Institute

Energy and the Environment

State’s New Tax On CO2 Emissions Projected To Add 46 Cents Per Gallon To The Cost Of Gas

Washington Policy Center

Our Comments On The Governor’s Snake River Dam Report: Errors, Bias, And Contradictions

Washington Policy Center


Medicaid’s Endless Expansion

Commonwealth Foundation


A New Report Shows Why Lawmakers Should Focus On Improving The Housing Supply

Center of the American Experiment

Inflation/Gas Prices

Inflation Is Scary — And Impacts All Of Us; What’s Needed Are Policies That Offer Real Benefits

Bluegrass Institute

Paychecks Are Down As Inflation Hit Another Record High

Center of the American Experiment

The Good, Bad & Ugly of Inflation

Empower Mississippi

Bidenflation Tanks Small Business Optimism

John Locke Foundation

The Economy’s Zombie Reckoning

Texas Public Policy Foundation

Jobs And State Economies

Who’s Minding the Store? NJ Property Tax Dollars Used to Pay for Millions in Unlawful Payments

Garden State Initiative

Roadblocks To Work Make The World A Sticky Place

Georgia Center for Opportunity

Hawaii’s Love-Hate Relationship With Tourism

Grassroot Institute of Hawaii

US Jobs Report Beats June Estimate, But Illinois At Greater Risk If Recession Hits

Illinois Policy Institute

NC Ranks as #1 Top State for Business

John Locke Foundation

How Side Hustles Are Hampered by Occupational Licensing

Libertas Institute

June Job Report Suggests Economic Slowdown On Horizon

Pelican Institute

How’s Nebraska’s Jobs Recovery Going? It Depends On Who You Ask.

Platte Institute

Another Minimum Wage, Job Killing Initiative Is On The Ballot In Tukwila This Fall

Washington Policy Center

WEA Asks State Supreme Court To Do What Voters Won’t On Income Taxes

Washington Policy Center

State Budgets and Spending

Legislature Should Not Seek Permanent Solutions For Temporary Problems

Alabama Policy Institute

Florida Is Using Covid Funds For Tax Relief

Alabama Policy Institute

Alaska’s Sales Taxes, Ranked

Alaska Policy Forum

NYC’s Pension Bomb Is Ticking Again (While A Key Tax May Be Fizzling)

Empire Center

The Good News About The Budget

Mackinac Center

Tax Cuts And Opportunities For Happiness

Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

New Hampshire Tax Burden Dramatically Less than Massachusetts

Pioneer Institute


Welcome to Portland, Where Getting a Job Is Easy but Staying Safe Is Hard

Cascade Policy Institute

The Supreme Court Returned Control To The Citizens

Empower Mississippi

What is Causing the Crime Increase in Minnesota?

Freedom Foundation of Minnesota

What Freedom And Liberty Mean Through The Eyes Of The Poor

Georgia Center for Opportunity

Jones Act Reform Need Not Be All Or Nothing

Grassroot Institute of Hawaii

Think Tanks in the News

Let’s Put Pennsylvania Back on Track

Commonwealth Foundation at RealClear Pennsylvania

Gov. Wolf’s Legacy: Lost Lives, Livelihoods, And Abandoning The Vulnerable

Commonwealth Foundation in The Philadelphia Inquirer

Biden’s Price Hike: It’s Time for Reform to Relieve Pain at the Pump

Foundation for Government Accountability at Townhall

Janus at 4: Landmark Labor Ruling Helped but Still Needs to be Enforced More Aggressively

Freedom Foundation at RedState

Washington Supreme Court To Decide Capital Gains Tax Case

Freedom Foundation cited in the Associated Press

Gavin Newsom Is Praised For Nation’s First Union Dues Tax Credit, But It’s Not A Done Deal

Freedom Foundation cited at Forbes

Neighbor States Pursue Real Tax Relief while Illinoisans Get Hype

Illinois Policy Institute at RealClearPolicy

Boris Johnson’s Resignation

Mississippi Center for Public Policy on the Ben Shapiro Show 

California’s Climate Lawsuits Threaten To Raise Energy Prices And Harm Consumers

Pacific Research Institute in The Orange County Register

New Price Transparency Rule Will Help Patients

Pacific Research Institute in the Washington Examiner

NM Needs To Make All Those Education Dollars Work For Kids

Rio Grande Foundation in the Albuquerque Journal

South Carolina Paves Bipartisan Path on Election Integrity

South Carolina Policy Council at RealClearPolicy

Fixing Things At The Local Level Without Government

State Policy Network in the Washington Examiner

What Florida Gets Right

The James Madison Institute in The Spectator World

School Choice Opponents Say Giving Families Access to Education Vouchers Is Racist; Here’s Why They’re Wrong

Washington Policy Center in The Chronicle

1.5 Billion More Reasons To Provide Washington Families Tax Relief

Washington Policy Center in the Spokesman-Review

Wisconsin Ballot Drop Boxes Are Illegal

WILL cited by The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board

Florida Contractor Sues Biden Administration for Awarding Infrastructure Contracts Based on Race, Gender

WILL cited at National Review

Disabled Immigrant Sues Biden Over Quota Blocking Him From Contracts Because Of His Race And Sex

WILL cited at The Federalist

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