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Week in Review: March 17, 2023


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California: A California court upheld Prop 22—which means ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft can treat drivers as contractors instead of full-time employees again (Washington Policy Center).

Georgia: Georgia is considering legislation that limits the ability of local governments to enact moratoriums on building new housing to no more than 180 days (Georgia Public Policy Foundation).

Idaho: The Idaho Senate passed a school choice bill (Idaho Freedom Foundation).

Kentucky: The Kentucky Senate passed a bill which prohibits government employers from automatically deducting union dues and political contributions from the paychecks of teachers and other public employees (Bluegrass Institute).

Oklahoma: The Oklahoma Legislature is considering legislation that will require Oklahoma schools to make certain, on an annual basis, that teacher employees want to continue having union dues withheld from their paychecks.

Utah: The Utah Legislature is considering a bill to place rules on how police can seek digital warrants (Libertas Institute).

Policy News from the States

Checking in on Legislative Sessions

#Kyga23 Week Six: Bills Passed To Limit State Ed Board, Keep Politics Out Of Pensions And Decriminalize Fentanyl Testing Strips
Bluegrass Institute

How Did Education Bills Do During The 2023 Legislative Session?
Cardinal Institute

2023 MT leg Halftime Report
Frontier Institute

At the Capitol: Week of March 13
Georgia Public Policy Foundation

Legislature 2023: Rent Control Bills, House Bill 1389 And House Bill 1124 Have Failed To Pass This Session
Washington Policy Center

K-12 Education

Ensure Kids Read by Nine: Support Teachers and Administrators
Alaska Policy Forum

School Choice Wins Across The Nation
California Policy Center

Educational Freedom: A Tale of Two Governors
Cascade Policy Institute

U.S. Supreme Court Has Held That Parental Rights Are A Fundamental Right, Let’s Put It In Black And White In State Code
Center of the American Experiment

Increased Transparency Key to Trust in Nevada Education
Nevada Policy Research Institute

It’s School Choice Spring!
Palmetto Promise Institute

Energy and Environment

Headwinds: Troubles Grow for Offshore Wind
Caesar Rodney Institute

The Build Public Renewables Act Could Cut the Power 
Empire Center

Costs Of Heat Pumps- One Vermont Experience
Ethan Allen Institute

War On Cars Is A War On Lower-Income Californians
Pacific Research Institute

Under RGGI, Virginia Releases More CO2, Not Less
Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy

Government Accountability

Taxpayers Chipped in Big for 2022 Re-Election Bids
Empire Center

How to Make an Open Records Request in Nevada
Nevada Policy Research Institute

Sunshine Week 2023: Shining Light on the Workings of Government
Pioneer Institute


Testimony: Repeal Certificate of Need
Alaska Policy Forum

The Truth About Medicaid Redeterminations 
Foundation for Government Accountability

Certificate of Need Law Reform Could Save Lives
Iowans for Tax Relief Foundation

HB 1039 Would Bring Patients Alternative Pain-Management Therapy, Should Be Approved By Lawmakers
Washington Policy Center


Huntington Beach’s Lawsuit Challenges Newsom’s Housing Mandates
California Policy Center

Despite The Housing Crisis, The Spokane City Council Has Increased One Development Fee Over 2600%
Washington Policy Center

Jobs and State Economies

Lone Star Bound
California Policy Center

The “Missing Millions” from Biden’s Economy (and What to Do About It)
Foundation for Government Accountability

How To Crush Youth Employment? Make It More Costly To Hire Young People
John Locke Foundation

Kansas Economy Falling Behind By Staying In The Same Place
Kansas Policy Institute

A Social Safety Net That Works
Pelican Institute

Ride Sharing Companies Score A Rare Win In California
Washington Policy Center

Judge Rules New Seattle LID Tax Is “Arbitrary And Capricious” – Orders Refunds
Washington Policy Center

State Budgets

There Are Good And Bad Ways To Cut Taxes
Center of the American Experiment

Is the Tax Reform Revolution Passing New Jersey By?
Garden State Initiative

New Tax Reform On The Horizon?
Georgia Center for Opportunity

State Revenue Projections Are Growing
Iowans for Tax Relief Foundation

Cooper’s “Opportunity” Budget Finds Billions for Teachers and Staff; Little to Nothing for Families who Want an Educational Option.
John Locke Foundation

Cooper Says We Have Enough Money for 18% Spending Increase, But Not Enough For Scheduled Tax Cuts
John Locke Foundation

Hohman: Is A Tax Hike Coming In Michigan In 2023?
Mackinac Center

Nebraska’s Tax Code Should Encourage Remote Workers To Move In
Platte Institute

Tax And Budget Reform Must Be Tackled In Tandem
Pelican Institute

Workplace Freedom

Member Spotlight: Rod Workman
Americans for Fair Treatment

Tentative Deal Struck Between NYC, Largest City Union
Americans for Fair Treatment

Unionized Public Education Is Destroying California
California Policy Center

Membership Declines, But Unions Still Double Down On Politics
Center of the American Experiment


The Complex Case for Not Breaking Up with Fossil Fuels
Americans for Fair Treatment

100 Years Of Irish Economic Independence
Center of the American Experiment

Media Puts Positive — False — Spin On Bank Bailouts
Center of the American Experiment

Albany’s Other Way to Defund the Police 
Empire Center

Regardless of Supreme Court Ruling, Congress Can Stop Future Student Loan Bailouts
Foundation for Government Accountability

Montana’s Irish Roots
Frontier Institute

March Madness Means Millions In Tax Revenue For Illinois
Illinois Policy Institute

Bank of America Big Winner in Silicon Valley Bank Collapse
John Locke Foundation

Four Wrong Questions Being Asked In Michigan Policy Debates
Mackinac Center

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