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Week in Review: May 26, 2023


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Policy News from the States 

K-12 Education  

Alaska’s Historical Public School Performance 
Alaska Policy Forum 

School Choice is the Future of West Virginia 
Cardinal Institute 

Majority Of Minnesotans Support Expanding Educational Freedom 
Center of the American Experiment 
Education is Going to Change 
Georgia Public Policy Foundation 

What You Need to Know about Picking All Those Chicago School Board Members 
Illinois Policy Institute 

Brandon Johnson Appoints Chicago Teachers Union Leader to Transition Team 
Illinois Policy Institute 

Montana Special Needs Families Now Have More Choices for Education 
Mountain States Policy Center 

Oklahoma Bill Could Mandate Pursuit of Biden Federal School Grants 
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs 

It’s Time to Get Out of the Comfort Zone 
Show-Me Institute 

Overcoming Dyslexia Through Home Schooling 
Sutherland Institute 


Medicaid Eligibility Matters 
Commonwealth Foundation 

Politically Active Medical Group Gains Access to Funds for “Distressed” Providers 
Empire Center 

Energy and Environment  

Wisconsin Electric Companies Raise Electricity Prices… Again 
Center of the American Experiment 

America Utterly Dominated Global Natural Gas Production in 2021 
Center of the American Experiment 

Most of the US Faces Elevated Risks of Blackouts During Heatwaves this Summer 
Center of the American Experiment 

Green Projects Hit Iron Wall 
Empire Center 

United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Cyclone Error 
Ethan Allen Institute 

North Carolina Outer Banks Residents Rightly Concerned about Spoiled Views from Offshore Wind 
John Locke Foundation 

Renewables of Fossil Fuels? Voters Want Both 
Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy 

Jobs and State Economies 

Mississippi’s Secret to Economic Success 
Mississippi Center for Public Policy  

Permit Montana to Build 
Frontier Institute 

Business Fleeing Cities Over Crime is a Warning Sign we Can’t Ignore 
Georgia Center for Opportunity 

Making Iowa More Competitive Through Occupational Licensing Reform 
Iowans for Tax Relief Foundation 

North Carolina’s April Jobs Report Explained 
John Locke Foundation 

Moving Truck Prices Tell Policy Story 
Mountain States Policy Center 

San Diego Offers Pragmatic Model to Restore Downtown Life 
Pacific Research Institute 

More are Fleeing California Due to Progressive Policies 
Pacific Research Institute 

How Could Connecticut Lose Jobs and Have a Lower Unemployment Rate? 
Yankee Institute 

State Budgets  

Minnesota Taxpayers Taken For a Ride as the Legislature Passes $1,500 Subsidy for Electric Bikes 
Center of the American Experiment 

There is Absolutely Nothing for the Middle Class in the New Minnesota Budget 
Center of the American Experiment 

The Economic Measure No One is Talking About at the Minnesota Capitol 
Freedom Foundation of Minnesota 

Are Three Georgia Cities Still Guilty of Taxation by Citation? 

Georgia Public Policy Foundation 

Idaho Government Spending Far Outstrips Tax Cuts 
Idaho Freedom Foundation 

Fact Check: What Really Happened to Firefighter Pensions After Detroit’s Bankruptcy 
MacIver Institute 

Traverse City Fiber Network Spiking in Costs, Lacking in Customers 
Mackinac Center 

OKPOP Museum Becoming a Money Pit 
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs 

Don’t Look Now! “Fiscal Cliff” Scare Tactics Are Back 
Pelican Institute 

Washington State’s Office of Financial Management Fined for Withholding Public Documents 
Washington Policy Center 

Washington State Transportation Budget Highlights 
Washing Policy Center 

“The Kansas City Royals of North Kansas City”? 
Show-Me Institute 

Prioritizing 880 Underprivileged Kids Over the CT Film Industry 
Yankee Institute 

Workplace Freedom 

More Mayo Healthcare Workers Set to Decertify Union in Mankato 
Center of the American Experiment 


Would Rent Control Make Housing More Affordable? 
Nevada Policy Research Institute 

In Free-Speech Win, Oklahoma House Sustains Governor’s Veto 
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs 

The Network in the News 

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