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Week in Review: November 10, 2023


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Election Day: November 7, 2023

Prop HH is Defeated: Now What?
Independence Institute

November 2023 Local Bond Election Results
Iowans for Tax Relief Foundation

Local Elections Shape Our Communities
Iowans for Tax Relief Foundation

Happy Election Day!
John Locke Foundation

Tax Votes Of Note From 2023 Election
Mountain States Policy Center

General Election Results 2023 (Local)
Palmetto Promise Institute

What Happened with Texas Bond Elections?
Texas Public Policy Foundation

After Tuesday’s Elections, Texas Can Take a Bow
Texas Public Policy Foundation

K-12 Education

The Poor, Powerless Casualties Of Wisconsin’s School Choice Lawsuit
Badger Institute

What The New Homeschool Demographic Means For School Choice
Cascade Policy Institute

As Per Pupil Funding Skyrockets, Less Minnesota Students Can Read or Do Math
Freedom Foundation of Minnesota

Teachers Unions Hand Nearly $1.5 Million To Lawmakers Ahead Of Invest In Kids Vote
Illinois Policy Institute

What Is The Impact Of School Choice Programs On Overall Education Funding?
John Locke Foundation

NH Families Are Choosing To Spend Their EFA Funds In A Variety Of Ways, Including At Public Schools
Josiah Bartlett Center

How to Use the Utah Fits All Scholarship
Libertas Institute

This Young Mom & Lawmaker Led The Fight For Ed Choice In Utah – Now She Has Advice For Other States
Mountain States Policy Center

Nevada Sees Education-Spending Boom this Century
Nevada Policy Research Institute

Oklahoma Per-Student Revenue Has Risen Dramatically
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Breaking: A Closer Look at House Bill 1 ESA and Funding
Texas Public Policy Foundation

Energy and Environment

California Bureaucrats Embrace Water Rationing
California Policy Center

When They Say They Want To Turn Your Power Off, Believe Them
Center of the American Experiment

Can Idahoans Protect Their Homes And History From Out-Of-State Interests?
Mountain States Policy Center

Government Accountability

Years After Pandemic, Evers Spending ARPA Money On Soccer And A Railroad Museum
Badger Institute

New Palace For Politicians To Feature A Built-In Balcony/Terrace
Center of the American Experiment

Report: Chicago Area Most Corrupt In America
Illinois Policy Institute

Idaho Lawmakers Should Provide At Least 3-Day Notice Of Bills Scheduled For Public Hearing
Mountain States Policy Center

Housing Affordability

Streamline Permitting Process To Reduce Wait Times, Favoritism
Grassroot Institute of Hawaii

Jobs and State Economies

Alaska’s Economic Outlook, Ranked: 2023
Alaska Policy Forum

Research Shows That Corporate Tax Cuts Boosted Investment|
Center of the American Experiment

The Pros And Cons Of Local Sales Taxes
Center of the American Experiment

Relax Rules On ‘Cottage Food’ Entrepreneurs
Grassroot Institute of Hawaii

Black, Brown Chicago Neighborhoods Endure Highest Poverty Rates
Illinois Policy Institute

Chicago City Council Puts ‘Mansion Tax’ On March 2024 Ballot
Illinois Policy Institute

Bezos Move Provides A “Prime” Warning On The Impact Of Tax Policy
Mountain States Policy Center

State Budgets

Michigan Politicians Submit More Bills Hamstringing Property Owners
Mackinac Center


A Republic If You Can Keep It
Center of the American Experiment

Election Reforms States Should Consider Before 2024
Foundation for Government Accountability

State Broadband Plan Won’t Help Rural Communities
Mackinac Center

Here’s What Issues Lawmakers Want To Debate In The Second Session
Maine Policy Institute

Personal Stories And Lessons For Veterans Day
Palmetto Promise Institute

Veterans Day 2023
Show-Me Institute

The Evolution Of Free Speech In America
Sutherland Institute

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