State Policy Network

Connecting the Network

State Policy Network serves as the connector of organizations within a thriving network of dedicated, effective state-based think tanks and national partners. For over 25 years, we have fostered close, trusting relationships with leaders within the freedom movement and helped to unite organizations working toward a common purpose.

As connectors, SPN is dedicated to ensuring that our affiliates have access to the full benefits of a robust network, empowering our members to achieve their goals, and creating pathways for state solutions to generate national impact. We connect the members of our network with critical resources from information and capital to talent and peer connections.

Peer Networks connect the leaders and staff of the 65 state think tanks to share policy ideas and best practices. Peer Networks are available for CEOs, EVP, and areas such as fundraising, communications, operations, legislative outreach, and policy issue areas. Through retreats, meetings, and other forms of knowledge sharing these networks give SPN affiliates and our national partners opportunities to challenge, inspire, support, and learn from one another.

Annual Meeting brings together over 1,000 members of the freedom movement for several days of professional training, networking, and idea sharing. For four days, SPN purposefully creates an environment to facilitate connections and build coalitions. Programming focuses on leadership development, operations, fundraising training, communication and outreach strategies, and policy priorities. The SPN Annual Meeting is the only such meeting where state and national leaders can chart collaborative strategies together.

Multistate Policy Initiatives position market-oriented state solutions to achieve national impact. Connecting talent and expertise, SPN works alongside associate state think tanks and national partners to craft strategies for advancing state-based policy solutions beyond individual state boundaries. SPN identifies innovative policy opportunities, builds coalitions between state think tanks and national partners, creates educational messaging resources, and works with state think tanks to develop issues strategies.

SPN is invaluable to our think tank collaboration across the nation…there‚Äôs no need to recreate the wheel and waste time and money doing something that SPN can do for us as a group and then share those results or forms. It makes us all more efficient with our time
and the donations entrusted to us. – Valerie Wickboldt, James Madison Institute

In Montana, we do not have another free-market organization in the state. Being able to meet my peers in other states, talk with them about the issues we face, and know they speak from experience has been invaluable. – Brent Mead, Montana Policy Institute