State Policy Network

Development Training Program

SPN’s Development Training Program fosters strong philanthropic organizational cultures throughout the Network, providing resources to build transformational relationships, expand fundraising capacity, execute missions, and achieve results. SPN cultivates a peer network of skilled development professionals; assists think tank leaders and development staff with strategic development planning; and ensures they have the training and experience to translate strategy into impactful on-the-ground tactics.

Programs include:

Development Strategy

SPN’s strategic development planning gives CEOs and development staff a greater understanding of their current fundraising capabilities and equips them with practical, concrete plans to grow their fundraising efforts and achieve long-term goals.

Development Peer Network

SPN connects development staff across the network to foster trusted peer relationships and the exchange of best practices and solutions to common challenges. To facilitate these connections throughout the year, SPN hosts a variety of in-person events, including development trainings, retreats, and networking opportunities at the SPN Annual Meeting.

Workshops and Webinars

Throughout the year, SPN offers targeted in-person training and webinars for CEOs and development staff at all levels of experience. A sample of topics include major gifts, grant writing and foundation relations, legacy giving, and stewardship.

Professional Coaching

SPN supports development staff at each stage of their careers and offers individualized coaching to help them craft a customized professional development plan.

Talent and Staffing Support

SPN staff partner with CEOs and development directors to identify staffing needs, assist in talent searches, and onboard new development staff into their positions and the network.

Biennial Development Survey

Every two years, SPN sponsors an in-depth survey of the network’s fundraising efforts, which shows SPN affiliates and associates how their fundraising efforts compare to the larger nonprofit industry. The survey establishes useful benchmarks and informs SPN’s development training programs to help affiliates and associates aspire to industry excellence.

Development Apprentice Program

State Policy Network’s Development Apprentice Program places aspiring leaders who support individual rights and economic freedom at state-based think tanks across the country for a 10-week crash course with on-the-job training in nonprofit fundraising. Participants learn how to cultivate relationships that lead to philanthropic partnerships and support for organizations, develop research and analytical skills, and grow their professional networks.

This program seeks young leaders with diverse skill sets who support individual rights, personal and economic freedom, and free-market solutions. Previous experience is not required, but an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for liberty is. Learn more here.

*Note: All SPN workshops and trainings are by invitation only. Any SPN member organization interested in learning more should contact SPN’s Senior Leadership and Development Specialist, Kristina Mitten Sanders.