State Policy Network

Operations Training Program

The Operations Training Program expands the operational capacity and excellence of the Network. SPN cultivates a peer network of skilled operations professionals; helps think tank leaders and operations staff craft effective operations strategies and processes; and ensures they are equipped to handle the increased scrutiny that success brings.
Programs include:

Compliance, Organizational, and Operational Audits

The audits are designed to help affiliates transition through the three critical stages of development, beginning with inception and early start-up, through rapid growth, and into sophisticated impact. At each stage, SPN’s audits identify organizational strengths and weaknesses, with an emphasis on highlighting ways to leverage each organization’s uniqueness for maximum results. Many rapid-cycle and highly leveraged organizations benefit from an in-depth audit as they learn to grow in influence and effectiveness without becoming overly bureaucratic or operationally top-heavy.

Operation and COO Peer Networks

SPN connects operations staff across the Network to foster trusted peer relationships and the exchange of best practices and solutions to common challenges. To facilitate these connections throughout the year, SPN hosts several in-person networking opportunities, including annual operations retreats and the SPN Annual Meeting. SPN also maintains an operations listserv to enable operations professionals to stay in touch between in-person meetings.

Workshops and Webinars

SPN periodically offers training on a variety of topics from legal compliance and IT security, to human resources and talent management. Workshops and webinars feature experts in these fields who speak to timely and relevant topics for operations professionals at all levels of experience.

All SPN workshops and trainings are by invitations only. Any SPN member organization interested in learning more should contact SPN’s Director of Operations, Brad Gruber.