State Policy Network

Policy Training Program

SPN’s Policy Training Program increases the Network’s potential to advance state-based policy solutions by developing a community of high-performing policy professionals well-trained in strategic thinking, quality research, and persuasive communication.

Programs include:

Policy Communication Workshops and Webinars

SPN hosts several communications-focused trainings for policy professionals to help them extend the reach and impact of their work. Trainings sharpen policy professionals’ skills in messaging policy solutions, writing for a variety of audiences and platforms, and delivering inspiring, memorable presentations.

Research Training and Resources

Quality research rests on sound institutional processes and methodological practices. SPN offers trainings for policy editors, analysts, and research directors, focusing on fact-checking, research-editing, and basic methodological approaches.

Professional Development

SPN provides policy staff with ongoing professional development support at each stage of their career through individualized coaching and mentoring.

Policy Peer Networks

SPN connects policy professionals across the network to foster peer relationships and the exchange of best practices and policy solutions. To facilitate these connections throughout the year, SPN hosts in-person peer networking events, as well as several policy listservs that enable policy professionals to stay in touch between in-person networking opportunities.

*Note: All SPN workshops and trainings are by invitations only. Any SPN member organization interested in learning more should contact SPN’s Policy Specialist Todd Davidson.

SPN’s mentorship and professional development programs have been invaluable to me as a young policy director looking to be an instrumental contributor toward the transformation of our organization into one of the most effective state think tanks in the country.

– Lindsay Killen, Mackinac Center for Public Policy