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About Policy Working Groups

State Policy Network hosts several policy working groups so that state think tanks can encourage and challenge each other, exchange best practices, and refine ideas and strategies that will lead to an America where personal freedom, innovation, opportunity, and a peaceful society help all Americans flourish.

SPN’s policy working groups connect independent state and national think tank leaders who come together to accomplish shared policy objectives. These leaders collaborate to develop specific policy solutions that can solve the problems facing our communities and can be tailored to each states’ unique needs.

SPN convenes policy working groups to:

  • Encourage the exchange of best practices and policy ideas so that they are shared across states and lead to national impact.
  • Inspire think tank leaders to develop innovative policy ideas that unleash opportunity and creatively solve problems facing Americans.
  • Support the leadership and professional growth of think tank leaders.
  • Elevate knowledge of the expertise of think tank leaders and connect their ideas to fellow think tanks, national partners, policymakers, and media.

Accelerating change through collaboration

Over the past 26 years, we have seen one thing proven time and again: State think tanks can go farther faster when they work together. SPN provides an environment where experts can share and refine ideas to not only achieve significant organizational goals but to contribute to multi-state policy change, as well. While SPN facilitates these working groups, the members drive the advancement of policy ideas and working group goals through media, reform opportunities in their own states, and educational outreach at the federal level.

Producing resources that empower state solutions

The experts in SPN’s policy working groups are citizens who live in and love their home states and have firsthand experience with the numerous ways policy can affect everyday life. They appreciate and respect that each state’s circumstances, population, and economy is different. For that reason, SPN’s Policy Working Groups produce practical resources that think tanks and policymakers can adapt to their states. These products include:

  • Reliable policy research and analysis.
  • Toolkits with reform ideas and implementation strategies.
  • Market research to understand the public’s viewpoint on policy.
  • Stories to illustrate the real-world impact policy has on states and everyday Americans.

Current SPN Working Groups

Energy Working Group

Mission: To ensure that energy is reliable, secure, and affordable for all Americans.

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Healthcare Working Group

Mission: To increase access to quality healthcare throughout the states.

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Fiscal and Regulatory Working Group

Mission: To restore the American economic powerhouse.

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About SPN Policy Working Group Membership

Policy working groups are made up of state think tank leaders and policy experts who have committed to being active participants in advancing policy reform in their own states and supporting the Working Group’s policy efforts across multiple states.

If you have questions about SPN’s policy working groups, please contact Ben Wilterdink, SPN’s Director of Policy Initiatives, at