State Policy Network

Fiscal and Regulatory Policy

SPN’s objective is to restore the American economic powerhouse. While costs are soaring, the federal government’s response has been to impose more taxes on jobs creators as well as costly spending programs. The states are leading the way in reducing burdensome regulations and taxes that reduce costs on families and free both firms and individuals to create new businesses and help restore economic growth and prosperity.

Ben Wilterdink

Director of Policy Initiatives




Our Offerings

Working Group

We gather the leading state think tank experts, key partners, and SPN fellows to analyze the trends, opportunities, and challenges within the areas of healthcare, energy, education, and fiscal policy. These working groups help state think tanks connect with peers across the country, share policy ideas, and hear about best practices.

Policy Advising

Michael Lucci is a visiting economic policy fellow for the State Policy Network. Michael is available to help SPN members with policy expertise and connections to the many fiscal and regulatory policy experts in the network. In addition Michael manages the fiscal and regulatory policy working group.

State Solutions Grant Fund

Generous donors seeking to invest in policy reforms in the states contribute to SPN’s State Solutions Grant Funds. These funds support state think tank issue campaigns that pursue opportunities identified in the policy working group. Invitation to issue campaign grants is determined by available funds and donor intent.

Criteria for Acceptance

Participation in the working group is voluntary. Invitation to the working group is determined by the policy priorities SPN members indicate in the Membership Renewal Survey and SPN staff capacity constraints. We continue to expand our working group capacity to incorporate more members.

Invitation to issue State Solutions campaign grants is determined by available funds and donor intent.