State Policy Network

Education Policy

SPN’s objective is to improve student achievement and give families greater education opportunities. We partner with state groups to expand education savings accounts and other choice programs, remove the red tape preventing new education models, and change the way education is funded so that schools are transparent and accountable.

Jane McEnaney

Director of Education Policy Initiatives

Katherine Bathgate

Senior Advisor for Education Strategy

Kerry McDonald

Velinda Jonson Family Education Fellow

Our Offerings

Education Entrepreneurship Working group

We gather the leading state think tank experts, key partners, and SPN fellows to analyze the trends, opportunities, and challenges holding back education entrepreneurs. This sub-working group, hosted by SPN’s Visiting Fellow Kerry McDonald helps state think tanks connect with peers across the country, share policy ideas, and hear about best practices.

Policy Advising

-Katherine Bathgate is a visiting education policy fellow at State Policy Network. Katherine advises state think tanks across the country on their education policy and advocacy work.

-Kerry McDonald is State Policy Network’s Velinda Jonson Family Education Fellow. Kerry works to spotlight and support education entrepreneurs who are building innovative K-12 learning models and expanding education options for families. In addition she facilitates SPN’s education entrepreneurship working group.

Issue Campaign Counsel

SPN’s education team has years of experience advancing crucial education reforms in the states. The SPN education team is available to assist your organization with issue campaign strategy, message development, coalition facilitation, and other needs you may have. Participation is limited by capacity constraints. 

State Solutions Grant Fund

Generous donors seeking to invest in policy reforms in the states contribute to SPN’s State Solutions Grant Funds. These funds support state think tank education reform efforts. Invitation to issue campaign grants is determined by available funds and donor intent.

Criteria for Acceptance

Working Group — Participation in the working group is voluntary. Invitation to the working group is determined by the policy priorities SPN members indicate in the Membership Renewal Survey and SPN staff capacity constraints. We continue to expand our working group capacity to incorporate more members.

State Solutions Grant Fund — Invitation to issue campaign grants is determined by available funds and donor intent.