State Policy Network

Executive Leaders

CEOs of Network members face unique challenges in driving their missions forward. SPN offers CEO programming that is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the leadership capabilities of CEOs through a tailored approach that combines individual coaching and collaborative peer groups. Under the guidance of Lynn Harsh, CEO peer groups navigate complex organizational dynamics, develop effective leadership strategies, and achieve their professional goals. Additionally, our peer group sessions foster a supportive and confidential environment where CEOs can share insights, exchange best practices, and learn from one another’s experiences. To join our community of Network CEOs and embark on a transformative journey of leadership growth and collective impact, please contact Lynn Harsh.  

 Lynn Harsh

 Vice President of Strategy



Our Offerings

CEO Peer Groups

SPN convenes groups of CEOs into peer groups that are based on shared commonalities, goals, and organizations, under the leadership of Lynn Harsh. These groups commit to meet both virtually and in-person and require willingness to push oneself and one’s colleagues to high levels of personal development. Participation is invitation-only.

Leadership Coaching

SPN’s Visiting Leadership Fellows Joe Lehman and Justin Owen offer leadership coaching to a group of network CEOs each year. These coachings help leaders attain their personal and professional growth goals. Participation is invitation-only.

Criteria for Acceptance

To learn more about participation, please contact Lynn Harsh at