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Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

1401 N Lincoln Blvd

Oklahoma City, OK 73104


Mission Statement

To promote the flourishing of the people of Oklahoma by advancing principles and policies that support free enterprise, limited government, personal responsibility and individual initiative.


For more than 22 years, OCPA has conducted research and analysis of public issues in Oklahoma from a perspective of limited government, individual liberty and a free-market economy. OCPA has promoted conclusions from its research through an array of media that have steadily increased in breadth, scope, and ultimately, effectiveness.


Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs was founded in 1993 as a public policy research organization focused primarily on state-level issues. OCPA has been part of an emerging, national trend of free-market, state-based think tanks. The founders, led by Dr. David Brown, envisioned an organization that was capable of affecting the state’s public policy similar to national level think tanks, such as the Heritage Foundation.

Year Founded



2012 Roe Award presented to Dr. David Brown (Board Member)

Top Policy Issues


K-12 Education