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The Policy Council’s purpose is to promote freedom, to protect freedom, and to prove that freedom works. In short: we want South Carolina to be the freest state in the nation. It’s that simple. Equally simple is our view of government. We don’t think of it as some impersonal force. It’s a real factor in all of our lives, and its value or intrusiveness is determined by the real people who lead it: politicians. Our aim is to make our politicians the most accountable – and therefore the least powerful – politicians in the country. Accordingly, we don’t believe South Carolina’s economy will be unleashed through the implementation of complicated “policy solutions.” The problems created by an overbearing and expensive government may be complicated, but their remedies are not. Those remedies are: lower taxes and fewer regulations for all, not just for those with effective lobbyists; separation of powers and clear lines of accountability; independence from federal money and micromanagement; and the expansion of individual choice.

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1998 Roe Award presented to C.C. Guy and Edward T. McMullen, Jr.

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