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Post-Election Resources for Think Tanks

Understanding the election results goes beyond simply staying informed. Your organization’s mission and solutions for your communities depend on it. This page offers insights and resources to help you create your strategy.

Latest Polling & Messaging

Your best opportunity to be effective is in your neighborhoods
The concerns of 2020—and the last four years—may not have translated into landslide victories or down-ballot waves, but Americans’ voting decisions can tell us plenty about the problems our communities face and the opportunities for a better path forward.

Heart+Mind Strategies Election FirstView Polling: Key Findings
This memo from Heart+Mind Strategies summarizes key takeaways about voters’ behaviors and attitudes as of November 3-4, 2020.

Additional Insights

Polling Spotlight: Americans want changes in healthcare
According to polling conducted on October 28-29, 2020, when it came to Americans’ 2020 votes, healthcare was one of the top concerns factoring into their decisions.

Polling Spotlight: How Americans think we should fix jobs and the economy
Pandemic-related struggles have hit so close to home that Americans reported the US economy was the top issue factoring into their votes.

Messaging tips to unite communities post-election
Over the last few years, we have witnessed a growing divide in politics and in our nation. See how your organization can message ideas to bring people together.

Get your state-based solutions in front of a wider audience
Opportunities for media time might be slim as new outlets focus on election outcomes, but there are still opportunities to get your solutions in front of a wider audience by optimizing your website content.

Policy Insights

Election Outcomes & Opportunities

2020 Election Results and the Opportunities for States
As solution centers that are tapped into their local communities, state think tanks can play a big role in helping their states recover and grow. This includes key takeaways from state elections and opportunities for state think tanks in this shifting policy landscape.

Preserving a trustworthy election process

Saving the Electoral College
Trent England, founder and executive director of Save Our States, outlines why the National Popular Vote interstate compact threatens our constitutional order and how states can partner with Save Our States to protect the Electoral College.

Organizational Strategy

Every election cycle presents new opportunities to strengthen your organization’s operations, as well as your strategy. Check out these SPN resources for nonprofit think tanks:

How to assess your strategy before election results are final
“Scenario planning” can put you ahead of the competition.

How to think about building your brand and trust
With Americans’ feeling low trust in government, the coming months are a chance for your brand to gain trust and influence in your state.

Operational Best Practices


Government Affairs

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