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SPN Communications Excellence Awards

The SPN Communications Excellence Awards recognize and encourage outstanding achievements in marketing, communications, and media across the state think tank Network. Winners will receive a grant to pursue future projects, as well as a trophy to honor their effort and results. SPN will highlight both the winners and the nominees to share their success stories and best practices across the Network.

2021 Nominations

This years awards will recognize Communications Excellence in three categories: Bold Brand Boost, Powerful Storytelling, and Expanding Your Audience.

Nominations will open on Monday, June 7, 2021.

Nominations will close on June 18, 2021.

Further details on the finalist selection process and awards ceremony at SPN’s Annual Meeting in Orlando are coming soon.

2020 Winners

2020’s winners were voted on by the Network’s Communications Peer Group and State Think Tank CEOs. The 2020 Winners were announced at SPN’s Annual Meeting.

See all the finalists from 2020’s awards. Please note that the inaugural 2020 awards had more categories than the 2021 awards.

Communications Excellence Award Categories

Bold Brand Boost Award

A powerful brand means your organization has a seat at the policy-making table. Citizens look to your organization for information and guidance on important policy issues. Lawmakers and media see you a trusted resource for quality research and information. This award recognizes the influence of a powerful brand boost.

Powerful Storytelling Award

Storytelling is the most fundamental element of communication. In marketing, storytelling can inform and persuade. An organization that tells powerful stories will boost its brand, spread the message of policy impact, and change public sentiment. This award recognizes the storytelling that truly impacted an organization’s brand image and policy impact.

Expanding Your Audience Award

No matter how just your cause, or how impeccable your research, none of what you say matters if it’s to an empty room. Only slightly more useful is talking to an echo chamber of the same audience again and again. After pouring through the nominations from our exceptional Network, it was clear a new category of award was needed for the folks who expanded the reach of their message to achieve new heights and build new coalitions. This award recognizes the organizations whose efforts led to expanded audiences and increased capacity and infrastructure for educating and mobilizing their states.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I nominate my organization for more than one award?

Yes! You can nominate your organization for as many of the awards as you want.

Can I nominate my organization for the same award multiple times, for different projects?

Yes! As long as they’re distinguished as different projects in the nomination, you can nominate your organization for the same award as many times as you’d like.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Meredith Turney.