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SPN's State Jobs Report tracks states' progress in post-pandemic job recovery.

SPN’s State Jobs Report is a monthly tracker that ranks states’ progress in post-pandemic job recovery and identifies related policy trends.

SPN State Jobs Report: June 2022
50-State Rankings for February 2020-June 2022

State Job Recovery Trends: June 2022

  • Tennessee (+1.0%), Montana (+0.9%), Texas (+0.6%), Delaware (+0.6%), and Oklahoma (+0.6%) led June job percentage gains.
  • Texas (+82,500), Tennessee (+32,300), Florida (+30,600), New York (+26,100) and North Carolina (+22,700) led June absolute job growth.

National Job Recovery Trends: June 2022

  • The US lost 22 million jobs from February 2020-April 2020.
  • The US is currently 524,000 jobs below pre-pandemic levels, a 0.3% net decline since February 2020.
  • The US jobless rate (3.6%) nearly matches pre-pandemic lows. Labor participation and employment remain below pre-pandemic levels.

Key Takeaways: The Impact of State Policies on Job Recovery

  • Nevada (#15) became the most recent state to surpass its pre-pandemic jobs count. Nevada is now 3,100 jobs above its February 2020 level.
  • States that made lighter pandemic lockdowns lead the recovery. Sunbelt and Mountain West states continue to surge beyond their pre-pandemic jobs highs.
  • Leading economic states like Utah, Idaho, Montana, Texas, and Florida are characterized by lower taxes, lighter regulations, a lower cost of living, and ongoing efforts at tax and economic reforms to strengthen their economies.
  • Lagging states, such as New York, have piled higher taxes and regulations on their economy after extended lockdowns during the pandemic.

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The data for SPN’s Jobs Report series comes from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

SPN State Economic Recovery Toolkit

Policy Toolkit: State Economic Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered unprecedented economic shock in 2020, threatening the livelihoods of thousands of families, entrepreneurs, and local businesses. This toolkit includes 11 policy solutions states can implement to overcome the economic fallout of the pandemic, protect businesses, recover jobs, and put families and communities back on the path to hope and prosperity.