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Economic Recovery Policy Menu: Three solutions to revitalize state economies

America needs a plan to jumpstart the economy, and these solutions can empower states to drive local economic growth. See the policy menu.


Education Policy Menu: Six things states can do to support learning during the coronavirus

While every state must customize its policy response on education to meet the specific challenges families are facing, these recommendations from state-based education policy experts are good starting points for consideration. See the policy menu.


Healthcare Policy Menu: Five solutions state policymakers can enact right now to expand healthcare quality and access

SPN’s Healthcare Working Group offers five solutions that states can make permanent as we work to slow the spread of COVID-19 and create a better healthcare system for all Americans. See the policy menu.

Local Government

Toolkit: How to build thriving, affordable neighborhoods through local zoning reform

Americans thrive when they live in safe, affordable, and healthy neighborhoods that they are proud to call home. We can build these types of communities by removing the obstacles that arise from zoning.

This toolkit for state and local zoning reform provides a menu of more than 50 reform options and six strategies to accomplish zoning reform in your city.