State Policy Network

Supporting the Network

State Policy Network supports a growing network of 65 affiliate state think tanks and helps organizations improve their performance by providing leadership development and networking opportunities.

Working alongside our members—neither directing nor managing their programs or activities—SPN supports and empowers the network of fiercely independent state-based organizations in their efforts to build durable freedom movements in the states. As an incubator we help organizations and ideas gain traction. As an accelerator we promote the growth and effectiveness of organizations and the dissemination of the best ideas. SPN affiliates pride themselves on their independence and relevance to their respective states and areas of public policy research.

Leadership Development programs identify, cultivate, and support the talent that power the network. SPN supports state-based leaders in their efforts to build durable, results-oriented organizations well-positioned to have lasting impact in their states. SPN’s team of experienced staff provides practical advice, support, and training in each of the core capabilities: board development, strategic planning, fundraising, communications and messaging, issue campaign development, policy, and operations.

Networking Opportunities create an environment to share policy ideas and successes, facilitate connections, and build coalitions. Networking groups and meetings—like Annual Meeting—bring together policy professionals in the freedom movement for professional training, networking, and idea sharing.

After working with SPN, Beacon took on a mission to refine our own. The result: we now empower Tennesseans to reclaim control of their lives, so that they can freely pursue their version of the American Dream. – Justin Owen, CEO of Beacon Center of Tennessee

Justin Owen - Beacon Center of Tennessee

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