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Nearly half of Americans favor more education options

This data is from Heart + Mind Strategies’ latest Coronavirus Tracking Poll, which was conducted on September 30-October 1, 2020. This was an online quantitative survey. In total, a sample of n=1,006 interviews were conducted.

The coronavirus continues to impact parents’ attitudes towards education.

According to the latest round of SPN’s and Heart + Mind Strategies’ coronavirus polling, nearly half of Americans favor an approach to education where public school is not the only option (48%). Just over one-third (37%) believe the best way forward is to work within the public school system.

Among parents with children at home, 52% agree with more choices compared to 36% who want to work in the current public system. Generation Z is the most favorable to working within the current public school system (50%).

Of the public school parents that say they changed their children’s schooling:

Of the private school parents that say they changed their children’s schooling:

Other findings:

There has also been a slight increase among total Americans (53%, +3) that the money should follow the child in education. The jump is +7 points among parents with children at home (66%).

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