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A well-engaged board is one of the greatest assets a nonprofit can have. State Policy Network is committed to ensuring that board members in the SPN Network have the resources and support needed to help their organizations succeed.

Teresa Brown
Board Development Consultant


Board Chair Peer Network

SPN’s Board Chair Peer Network offers both virtual and in-person opportunities for board chairs to engage and learn from your peers throughout the SPN Network.

Learn more about the Board Chair Peer Network programming.

Annual SPN Board Breakfast at SPN Annual Meeting

In addition to general programming at SPN Annual Meeting, SPN hosts a special annual Board Member Breakfast – an opportunity for board members to get to know one another and to discuss some of the key opportunities and challenges facing your organizations.

Consulting & Advising

Whether you are a new board member looking to learn the ropes, or you are leading an experienced board tackling the challenges of taking your organization to the next level, SPN’s experienced Board Development Team is here for you. To answer questions. To share lessons learned. To connect you with tools and resources, and to make introductions to peers in the Network who may have faced similar experiences or challenges.

Organizational & Board Succession Planning

Every organization should have in place plans for transitioning all key roles and responsibilities. A board of directors is responsible for ensuring there is a clear, actionable succession plan for the organization’s chief executive. We have tools and resources to help your team start this crucial conversation and can work alongside your board and CEO to build a plan that will help ensure your organization has the team needed to fill crucial roles today and tomorrow.

One-on-One Board Training & Strategy Development

The SPN Board Development Team has the capacity to provide a limited number of in-person or virtual one-on-one board trainings and strategy sessions each year, to help ensure your board is well-positioned to support your organization in achieving its ambitious goals.

Tools & Resources

SPN has a growing library of resources to help your board with your key responsibilities, including organizational and board governance, CEO evaluation and professional development, organizational fundraising support, and recruiting and onboarding new board members.

Criteria for Acceptance

Any organization or individual interested in board support or board development should contact Teresa Brown at

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